What are the metal laser cutting machines? How much does a laser cutting machine cost

What are the metal laser cutting machines? How much does a laser cutting machine cost
XT Laser Cutting Machine
Now the size of the manufacturers are doing metal material processing. The process will use metal forming equipment, the pursuit of efficiency manufacturers will directly choose the laser cutting machine for processing, if it is a small batch processing will be directly outsourced to others, do the metal processing industry using the laser cutting machine is a highly efficient and lucrative industry, because of its high demand and a wide range of markets, almost all walks of life need to use the metal materials. So what are the metal laser cutting machine? How much is a laser cutting machine? Next, I will introduce.
Metal laser cutting machine equipment is very much
1, single table surface laser cutting machine. Plane fibre laser cutting machine has two kinds, one is a single table laser cutting machine, one is the exchange table laser cutting machine, so that the two kinds of what is the difference, simple to distinguish words is a single table only a worktable, exchange table has two worktable.
2, interactive laser cutting machine. Interactive laser cutting machine has two working surfaces, in the equipment will be completed after the material processing, the exchange platform will automatically send the completed material.
3、Precision laser cutting machine. Precision laser cutting machine is a smaller laser cutting machine, dedicated to cutting thin plates, with high precision and high speed.
These devices introduced above can be used to cut flat metal sheets, the use of laser cutting machine can effectively reduce costs, faster into production and create benefits.
Fibre laser cutting machine advantages
Ultra-bottom cost, ultra-bottom cost of power consumption, can blow air to cut all kinds of metal sheet. Fast cutting speed, interchangeable worktable with high efficiency and labour saving. Good spot quality, small deformation, flat and beautiful appearance. Adopting imported servo motor and guide transmission mechanism, high cutting precision. Adopting professional software can design all kinds of round or text instant processing at will, processing flexibility, simple and convenient operation. Extremely high stability, the use of the world’s top imported light laser, stable performance, the service life of key components up to 100,000 hours, laser maintenance-free. Extremely low maintenance costs, no laser working gas: light transmission, no need for reflector lenses, can save a lot of maintenance costs. Easy product operation and maintenance, light transmission, no need to adjust the optical path.
A laser cutting machine equipment about how much
The price of the equipment is subject to many factors, capacity, brand, technology, model and so on. Even if it is the same type of equipment, the price difference between different models is also very large, in the case of not understanding the real needs of customers, can not give an accurate quote, hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars. If you have this demand, welcome to contact us at any time.

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