Agricultural machinery is more awesome, and XT Laser helps upgrade agricultural machinery industry!

Agricultural mechanization is a key lever to accelerate agricultural modernization, a fundamental support for building an “agricultural power”, and an important direction for China’s agricultural development. To do a good job, one must first use their tools. To achieve the ambitious strategic goal of building a strong agricultural country, agricultural machinery is the great tool of the country.

In the modernization development of agricultural machinery equipment in China, in addition to a large amount of investment in mechanical research and development, more efficient and reliable laser processing applications are also one of the key driving forces.

Wide processing range, strong applicability, high processing accuracy, good quality, four reasons for choosing fiber laser cutting machine, low processing cost, reduced energy consumption, high processing efficiency, and efficient production

Strong potential energy

Assist in increasing production and efficiency of smart agricultural machinery

The various sheet metal parts used in the manufacturing of agricultural machinery and equipment are prone to problems such as low efficiency, rough product appearance, and unstable mechanical components if traditional processing methods are used. The XT Laser Cutting Machine, with its fast processing efficiency, high precision, smooth cutting section, and high mass production efficiency, can complete the cutting and processing of various sheet metal parts in agricultural machinery with high quality and efficiency. It is a powerful helper for the upgrading and transformation of the agricultural machinery industry, helping to increase production and efficiency of smart agricultural machinery.

Wanwa Large Face W30140

High precision, high quality, and stability like a rock

√ Large format customized to your liking, with the entire board cut and formed in one go

Equipped with an automatic focusing laser head, the workpiece has no deformation or burrs

√ High strength plate welded bed, anti deformation, low vibration, more durable

√ Intelligent visual control system, more intelligent data interconnection

√ Automatic collection of smoke and dust zones, green manufacturing and non-destructive processing

√ High power laser, achieving leapfrog improvement in production efficiency

Sample display

Assist in sheet metal processing in agricultural machinery manufacturing

As fast as lightning, as sharp as the red sky, production is carefree

Suitable for multiple types of metal materials and plate thicknesses

Meet the processing needs of various metal components

Intelligent operation, simple and easy to use

Three chuck semi-automatic feeding pipe laser cutting machine

Digital intelligent control full time cutting

√ Three chuck clamping, no fear of loosening during heavy pipe cutting

√ High precision servo ensures optimal cutting effect

Equipped with a professional pipe cutting intelligent system, one click quick cutting

√ Multi axis linkage, precise and square 45 ° groove cutting

√ Ultra heavy bed design, smooth cutting of heavy pipes

√ Rich process database to meet various processing needs

Sample display

Assist in pipe processing in agricultural machinery manufacturing

Multiple types of pipes for easy handling

Once formed, no need for secondary processing

Multiple functions to meet different processing needs

Assisting efficient production of agricultural machinery with less labor and lower energy consumption

Agricultural machinery is more awesome, and farming is more labor-saving. The key to improving the level of agricultural mechanization is to benefit more farmers. XT Laser will continue to assist domestic professional agricultural machinery and equipment manufacturing enterprises, break free from the constraints of traditional production methods, assist in the transformation and upgrading of agricultural mechanization and agricultural machinery and equipment industry, and contribute to the modernization of China’s agriculture.

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