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The future trend of laser cutting machine – Gema

The future trend of laser cutting machine

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In the process of wide application of processing and cutting technology, the development speed of laser cutting technology has further accelerated. The development of laser cutting technology can promote the technology to reflect its advanced in the application process. Judging from the current development situation, laser cutting machine is developing in the following directions.

In actual operation, the power of laser cutting equipment actually used is gradually increasing. Laser cutting is also developing from the light industry thin plate cutting to the heavy industry thick plate cutting direction. In addition, the size range of processed parts used in laser cutting technology has continued to increase. From the actual cutting process, it can be found that laser cutting technology has begun to develop in the direction of thick plates and large sizes, which has prompted the design of laser cutting equipment in this direction, thereby further improving industrial processing technology.

Economic development has promoted the maturity of processing technology. As a processing technology, the automation and unmanned direction of laser cutting technology has the necessity and urgency of development. At the same time, the application of computer network technology makes it possible to automate and unmanned laser cutting technology. At present, many laser cutting machines of this type have been produced abroad, and the market’s application demand for this technology is also increasing, prompting the gradual realization of automation and unmanned laser cutting technology.

Generally speaking, in the process of rapid economic development, my country’s industrial processing industry has developed very rapidly, and the number of industrial processing parts has gradually increased, which has promoted the application of laser cutting technology more and more widely. XT Laser is also developing steadily, becoming a partner of many well-known international companies.