High-power laser cutting machine’s common problems and solutions-Yan

High-power LASER cutting machine is used, and will face these common problems:

1.The nozzle is hot when high-power laser cutting:

①Increase nozzle size;

②The lens is dirty, and clean the lens;

③Reduce the positive focus of cutting.


2.Rough cutting surface:

①Raise the positive focus of cutting;

②Reduce nozzle size;

③And reduce cutting air pressure;

④And increase cutting speed.

3.Hang slag:

①Inappropriate cutting speed;

②And increase cutting air pressure;

③And inappropriate cutting focus.

4.Inconsistent cutting surface:

①And the nozzle outlet is not round;

②The laser is not in the center of the nozzle.

5.Cut surface stratification:

①Reduce frequency;

②And Raise the positive focus;

③And Increase the cutting air pressure.


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