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Development of laser cutter

Today we will talk about the development of laser cutter.

laser cutter
High power fiber laser cutting machine
  • The laser cutter power section continues to increase

The emergence of 10,000 watt equipment in 17 years and the rapid explosion there after. Thanks to the significant increase in the processing efficiency of laser equipment after the increase in power. The cutting process has also changed with the increase in power, which further improves the benefits of customers, and equipment above 10,000 watts is rapidly Recognized and promoted by the market.

However, 10,000-watt equipment is a niche market after all. When the long-standing high-power demand of this part of customers in 2017 and 2018 was instantly, there was obviously a power return. Of course, the power will continue to increase in the future. The processing efficiency of high-power laser cutting machines for thin plates is still very obvious. This is in line with the high-capacity demand of processing plants. It takes a long process.

  • Changes in the demand for laser cutter

It is understood that it is different from the “net celebrity” 10,000 watt laser equipment in previous years. In 2019-2020, 3000W and 6000W devices in the low and medium power range have become popular models.

On the one hand, the sheet metal industry’s demand is mainly thin plates; on the other hand, user companies have a certain understanding in the field of laser cutting, and end users have a good understanding of the core components and brands of laser equipment. Certain cognition and judgment skills will make choices more rational, and investment in equipment will become more conservative.

At the same time, with the upgrading of consumption, the requirements for high precision, light weight and beautiful appearance of sheet metal parts in terminal products increased. Processing factories or terminal enterprises are no longer facing the problem of prioritizing the purchase of higher-power laser machines to meet the processing efficiency and enhance market competitiveness, but how to improve the industry through a complete set of systematic cost-reduction and efficiency-increasing solutions Competitiveness of the company, and is developing in the direction of “lean” and “precision”.

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