6 Reasons Why Choose Laser Marking Machine-Anne

6 Reasons Why Choose Laser Marking Machine

At present, with the high development of laser technology, the laser technology is widely used in the modern industrial field.-Laser marking machine

Today XT laser will show you about laser marking machine,compared with the conventional inks and other marking methods,laser marking machine work do not need any consumables and auxiliary equipment,and work process no affects for human body healthy and also with environmental friendly system.

laser marking machine

Smart Fiber Laser Marking Machine

Now,looking the following 6 reasons about why choose fiber laser marking machine to do you mark business and improve work efficiency.

1 Laser marking method that use a high-energy-density laser to irradiate the work piece to vaporize the surface material or cause a chemical color change, thereby leaving a permanent mark.

Therefore, the entire process does not need to consume consumables, it will effectively reduce the use of raw materials.

2 The marks made by laser marking machine is clear and textured,

so it do not need secondary processing, it can effectively reduce unnecessary related processes.

3 Laser marker with high speed, high efficiency,

so compared to the traditional cumbersome processing methods, laser marker can improve the production efficiency

4 The laser mark process use the computer software control system, it operate flexible and convenient, no artificial error,

so it can effectively reduce the non-performing rate of the mark business.

5 Laser marker does not product any toxic and harmful substances through the work processing,

so it will not cause harm to the environment and the human body.

6 The laser marker with wide application,it can work on not only metal but non metal,

if you need,just a rotary part,you can mark on cylinder products.

Hope it is helpful for you for you,and if you have any questions,please feel free contact us.

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Service life of various laser marking machines – Erin

Service life of various laser marking machines

The development of science and tachnology promotes the process of modernization, and the laser marking machine industry has become a hot industry. It has been widely used in various industries. Today, we will analyze the service life of various laser marking machines.

1.UV laser marking machine

The UV laser marking machine is use 355nm UV laser. It can greatly reduce the machanical deformation of the material and the processing heat effort is small.The effective light output time of the UV laser is 12000-14000 hours.According to the average use frequency and the working time,the effective working time of laser is 2-3 years.So do you need to replace the laser source in 2-3 years? NO,because the  effective service doesn’t mean that the equipment can not work at all.

2.CO2 laser marking machine

The characteristics of CO2 laser are rich spectral lines.There are dozens of spectral lines in the vicinity of 10μm. The output of light has high power, narrow linewidth and stable operation.The energy conversion efficiency can reach 30-40%, and the service life of CO2 laser source is generally 2w hours.

co2 laser marking machine

3.Fiber laser marking machine

The service life of fiber laser marking machine is 100000 hours.Why  the service time of fiber laser is longest?This is because the performance of the fiber laser itself. The electro-optical conversion rate of the fiber laser is as high as 30%,which can greatly save power and consumption,reduce operation cost, and send out high-quality beams,so as to achieve the highest production efficiency.Moreover, its working substance is crystal, which can support long-term excitation.The laser oscillates in the fiber without thermal effect. Only need air cooling , and unlike gas laser, it with less consumables.

fiber laser marking machine

fiber laser marking machine

In conclusion, any laser marking machine equipment needs our careful maintenance. No matter UV laser marking machine ,CO2 laser marking machine or fiber laser marking machine.  as long as they are cleaned and maintained regulary, the service life of the equipment will be extended accordingly.

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How to choose a suitable laser marking machine? – Erin

How to choose a suitable laser marking machine?

Now there are many brands of laser equipment and many manufactures. So how to choose a suitable laser marking machine?

  First of all, you should determine what products (detailed product materials) do we want to mark.

According to the different laser production , laser marking machines can divided into many kinds.Such as fiber laser marking machine, semiconductor laser marking machine(now rarely used,gradually replaced by fiber),CO2 laser marking machine. etc.Fiber laser marking machine is mainly applicable to materials: any metal, engineering plastics, electroplating materials, coating materials,spraying materials. plastic rubber,epoxy resin, ceramic materials,etc. The applicable materials of semiconductor marking machine are basically same as those of fiber laser marking machine.In addition,CO2 laser marking machine mainly applies to materials: paper, plastic, resin, wood, leather. quartz, glass, acrylic ceramics, etc. Therefore,for metal products and non-metal products, user should choose the appropriate type of laser marking machine

fiber laser marking machine

gold fiber laser marking machine

  Socondly, you need to determine what effect you want to mark.

For fiber laser marking machine,the laser power can decide the marking effect. 20w fiber laser marking machine only can marking. If you want to mark depth, you need to choose 30w and above laser power. 30w fiber laser marking machine can cut 0.7mm sliver or 1mm gold. 50w fiber laser marking machine can cut 1mm sliver or 1.5mm gold.  You can choose the suitable laser power according your needs.

IPG laser germany



  Thirdly, you need to confirm the marking area you want.

For fiber laser marking machine, the F-theta lens decide the range of laser marking. The size of F-theta lens uaually have 100mm*100mm,200mm*200mm and 300mm*300mm.  The larger the F-theta lens can scan ,the more popular it will be. However,if the scanning range is increased,the focus point become larger and the distortion degree also increases. In addition, the focal length and working distance of the F-theta lens also increase.The longer working distance will inevitably lead the loss of laser energy.Therefore, you need choose the most suitable F-theta lens according to different marking area ,or reserve several F-theta lens with different scanning range.


  Forthly, you need to consider more about machine warranty and supplier’s after sale service.

The laser marking machine of XT LASER have 2 years warranty. During the warranty period, when the equipment is out of order and the mechanical parts are damaged(expect for human factors and majeure factors).We can provide free repair, the required replacement parts are also free. Besides, the freight also paid by us.After the warranty period, only the actual cost of repair will be charged. Although warranty have time limit, but our after-sale service is permanent.You can contact after-sale service online if you have any question about the laser marking machine.

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Advantages of using Laser Marking Security Seals within Chemical Industry-lisa

Advantages of using Laser Marking Security Seals within Chemical Industry

laser marking machine

What is Laser marking?

Laser etching is the process of using a laser beam to permanently cut an image or pattern into a hard material, such as plastic, glass, wood or metal. Programming the pattern into a computer that controls the laser. The strength of the laser depends on the material and the level of heat.

Laser marking technology is more popular in printing field and manufacturing in recent years. And It can be applied to several materials. For instance, plastic and rubber, metal and silicon chips. In comparison to the traditional mechanical engraving, chemical corrosion, network printing And oil ink printing. It is low cost and high flexibility and can be controlled by computer system. The mark produced on a work piece surface by laser is permanent.because

Marking Security Seals

Security Seals laser marking provide the ultimate additional layer of security to various types of security seals, may it be Bolt Seals, Cable Seals or Plastic Seals. With the ability of laser marking Company logo’s and Names it allows corporate branding for all. since

What are the advantages of Laser Marking Machine?

  1. Permanency – Unlike other forms of marking, do not degrade due to environmental factors such as contact with Acid, Alkaline, and Gas. The temperature also affect the changes laser marking effect. This makes laser marking on security seals ideal for the chemical, pharmaceutical and foods industry.
  2. Anti-Counterfeiting – The markings  by the method of laser marking cannot be forged or changed due to its marking technology; thus providing the ultimate tamper evidence for any security seal.
  3. Broad application – Laser marking processing means laser can be applicable to the marking of several metal and non-metal materials such as aluminium, copper, iron, wooden and plastic products.
  4. High Processing efficiency – Due to the ability of increasing and decreasing of laser power, it’s possible to change the marking strength then ensure the ideal strength for each material.
  5. High engraving precision – The articles engraved by laser marker are in fine and elegant patterns. And the width of the smallest line can reach 0.04mm, with clear, lasting and elegant marking. It can satisfy the demand of printing plenty of data on very small plastic object. For instance, two-dimensional code with more precise requirements and higher definition.

Due to its unique features and advantages is the ideal form of marking for all security seals used within the Chemical, Pharmaceuticals and Foods industry. With all three industries carrying substances which can be of acidic nature. The machine provides the perfect solution with security and strong marking on seals.

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What’s the difference between UV laser and Fiber laser marking machine? lisa

What’s the difference between UV laser and Fiber laser marking machine? (lisa)

Fiber Laser marking machine and UV Laser Marking machines. The both machines can engrave a lot of materials, plastics, leather, metals, and others. However, whats the main difference and why one is much more expensive than the other?Here we are going to explain whats the difference between these two technologies and what are their primary use. because

1.Laser generator

UV laser marking machine:

It is with 355nm UV laser.

The machine uses third-order cavity frequency multiplication technology compared with infrared laser(fiber laser,Co2 laser). The 355UV light focusing spot is extremely small, which can greatly reduce the mechanical deformation of the material and Small processing thermal effect. since

Fiber laser marking machine:

The wavelength is 1064nm.

With regard to the wavelength of laser light, the shorter the wavelength, the smaller and higher accuracy the laser spot, and the smaller the heat affected zone formed during processing, the more exquisite the processing effect.


2.The basic working principle of laser processing materials:

Infrared laser (Co2 laser and fiber laser marking machine)

The substance of the material surface is heated and vaporized (evaporated) by laser, this way, the material removed, this approach is often referred to “thermal processing”.


UV laser marking machine

High-energy UV photons directly destroy the molecular on the surface of the material, this way, molecules removed, the process does not produce high heat and it is called “cold processing

3.The machine structure

The main structure of this machine by outlook may look similar, but the technology that these machines use inside is different.

The fiber laser uses a different power supplier than the UV laser,

Other of the difference is that the UV laser needs to be refrigerated by a water chiller,while the Fiber laser is refrigerated only by air.


These machines are design for different material engraving solutions

The fiber laser engraving machine has as a primary use engrave and offer solutions to the metal marking industries, this machine it can mark, engrave (see the difference between engraving and mark) and carve over all the metal materials. but

Moreover, the UV laser is designe to be a practical solution for marking plastics and glass . The UV laser machine it can engrave a vast number of materials, from metals to paper. Check the list of materials that this machines can engrave and mark.

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Laser marking machine to create safe medical packaging-Angelina

Laser marking machine to create safe medical packaging

For many years, XT Laser has provided professional and perfect laser marking machine and solutions for many pharmaceutical packaging companies.

In fact,the medical industry is developing rapidly and people have more medicines to choose from.

At the same time, many counterfeit and shoddy products have also appeared on the market to harm people’s rights and interests.

And medical packaging has become the key to distinguishing between genuine and fake medicines.

Important data such as anti-counterfeiting code, production date and license number must be listed on the surface of medical packaging.

In a word,Laser marking machine has become an important technology for medical packaging identification.

XT Laser is a professional laser machine manufacturer with extensive experience in the field of pharmaceutical packaging marking.

And  it has developed a number of high-quality dynamic laser marking machines.

Safer and healthier

As we know,medicines focus on safety and hygiene and require high product labeling.

The materials used in ink printers contain substances that are prone to environmental pollution and are no longer suitable for marking in the pharmaceutical industry.

What’s more ,laser marking is a non-contact, non-polluting marking method that is ideal for pharmaceutical packaging marking.

More anti-counterfeiting

Then using the XT laser marking machine to mark the medical packaging, it has stable reliability and durability.

And the marked information is clear and intuitive, and it has strong corrosion resistance.

It is not easy to be erased and eliminated, which guarantees the anti-counterfeiting of medical products.

Marking efficiency is higher

The XT laser marking machine greatly improves the marking efficiency of the pharmaceutical packaging industry, saving a lot of labor costs and time.

Besides,the identification of conventional products usually takes only a few seconds.

And if you use the pipeline to dynamically mark, the speed is faster.

Common questions about the marking machine for new users-Teresa

Common questions about the marking machine for new users

How to choose more suitable marking machine ? maybe it is hard for customer. Here sharing with you some common questions about the marking machine for new users:

1.Our files are normally created in Corel Draw, is it an easy process to use Corel Draw files. What file types are able to be used ?

Both computer user interface and Ezcad software could be in English. and Core Draw files have no any problems. Including DXF, AI, BMP, DST, DWG, DXP, LAS, PLT files type, all of them are OK.

2.What are the marking contents?

Alphanumeric info, date matrix or dot matrix 2D codes, shift codes, barcode, serial number, date, VIN code, time, letter, figure, logo, graphics and etc.

3.Does ezcad software is original – so in EzCad software About section it will be licence to us or to someone else ?

Yes, every ezcad software is original. Everyone need different software dog or pass word, and only your machine could use it. they charge me duty fee in California?

You need pay duty fee, but DHL will responsible for handing all things, you just need pay them. Our machine H.S. code is 845610. You may use this code to check your duty fee.

5. When running laser and your hand accidentally moves in the Laser Beam…will it burn our hand?

it is okay, it won’t hurt your hand because your hands don’t put at the focal points. But if you put your hand at the focal point, and you set the power at 100%, maybe it will hurt you. If you worried, we have enclosure type laser marker, it will protect workers.

6.Is there a foot pedal to activate the laser?  If we have large production run, how does the operator make the engraving fast?  Use Mouse only? Or is there a switch if the same image is being run over and over again?
Our every machine equipped with foot pedal/foot switch, it is our standard specification. So don’t worry.

7.Is it possible to put our brand and label on your equipment?
We can put your well-known brand and logo on our equipment, we have cooperated with some customers in this way for years.

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Three guides to purchase laser marking machine-Angelina

Three guides to purchase laser marking machine

What are the issues to be aware of in addition to the price of the laser marking machine?

In order to allow customers to buy the most suitable machine with the least amount of money, XT Laser has specially arranged some problems to be paid attention to when purchasing laser marking machines.

The laser marking machine is actually not very expensive.

The price of a fiber laser marking machine is about 30,000-30,000.

However, the most important thing for the company and the purchase is not the price.

They pay more attention to the purchase of the marking machine than to be able to produce the desired effect on the product.

Whether there will be failure during use, and maintenance of the machine.

After sales and other issues.

1.Three guides to buy the fiber laser marking machine

1. Like buying other things, first we have to look at the brand.

The products of well-known brands have quality assurance, followed by the company’s expected price range.

And then the machine that is suitable for its own products.

The last step is to carefully understand the configuration of the machine. , parameters, performance.

2. Choosing the most suitable laser marking machine is the first step to obtain a satisfactory label.

We recommend that users simply understand the basics of purchasing before choosing a laser machine.

And then work with your supplier to select the most suitable product to be labeled.

3. The higher the power, the longer the service life of the laser tube.

This is the most common misunderstanding.

I think that the more power, the more gas, the slower the consumption.

In fact, the higher the power, the more heat the laser tube emits when it is working.

If it cannot be effectively dissipated in time, it will burn out the laser tube.

Therefore, equipment with more than 50 watts usually needs water cooling and a large cooling system. .

Therefore, the high wattage does not guarantee the service life of the laser tube.



How to operate the fiber laser marking machine correctly-Teresa

How to operate the fiber laser marking machine correctly

Nowadays, fiber laser marking machines are pretty popular. And many people begin to use fiber laser marking machine.

But many people don’t know how to operate the machine. Because they are new to the machine. Although most manufacturers can provide training for the machine. There are still many manufacturers don’t do that.

So let us explain the most basic operation of the fiber laser marking machine from the basic parts:

Open the device control box
First, connect the laser and connect the control card and power supply correctly, and turn on the power switch.

Second, turn on the main control box key switch.

Third, make sure that the emergency stop switch is not turning on ( the switch pops up and is self-closing).

Forth, turn on the control box laser power switch.

Fifth, start the computer and turn on the computer display.

Sixth, Start the control galvanometer power switch;Start the red light switch.

Seventh, open the laser software adjustment software related parameters in the computer for laser marking. At this time, ensure the laser working focal length ( the distance from the laser marking head). And if the control box key switch is not turned on first, the galvanometer and red light are not responding.

A brief description of the software adjustment
Generally, when using the device, the user only needs to adjust “speed” / “current” / “frequency” in the laser parameter column.

Power: Set the percentage power of the laser device by laser software to 1%–100% adjustable;
Frequency: The laser light output frequency of the laser device is set by the laser software 10–100KHZ adjustment;

The operation of the fiber laser marking machine can be said to be very simple,if you are still have questions,can leave message on our website.

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Frequently Asked Questions About The Laser Marking Machine-Anne

 Frequently Asked Questions About The Laser Marking Machine

Most of customers asked some questions of laser marking machine.Today,we will also share this information to you to help you know more about it.

1. Which language versions your software support?

–English, Japanese, Korea, Chinese are OK. If you want to use other language, you need change some date.

2.Our files are normally created in Corel Draw, is it an easy process to use Corel Draw files. What format is supported?

–Both computer user interface and Ezcad software could be in English. and Core Draw files have no any problems. Including DXF, AI, BMP, DST, DWG, DXP, LAS, PLT files type, all of them are OK. you have Power supply is 110 V? Cause we use 110V in US?

–110V power supply have no problems.We have most of customers in US,they can use machine directly.

4.20w or 30w, which one would better?

–30w machine is better. Compared with 20w machine, 30w more suit for big quantity marking.If mark same content ,30w will be faster than 20w.

5.I want to cut 0.1mm steel, 20w fiber laser marking machine ok?

–We take many test and it have no problem. But can’t do it long time because it will have big loss for machine.

Hope this information is helpful for you.If you have any questions of machine.Please contact to XT LASER.

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