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How to choose a suitable laser marking machine?

Now there are many brands of laser equipment and many manufactures. So how to choose a suitable laser marking machine?

  First of all, you should determine what products (detailed product materials) do we want to mark.

According to the different laser production , laser marking machines can divided into many kinds.Such as fiber laser marking machine, semiconductor laser marking machine(now rarely used,gradually replaced by fiber),CO2 laser marking machine. etc.Fiber laser marking machine is mainly applicable to materials: any metal, engineering plastics, electroplating materials, coating materials,spraying materials. plastic rubber,epoxy resin, ceramic materials,etc. The applicable materials of semiconductor marking machine are basically same as those of fiber laser marking machine.In addition,CO2 laser marking machine mainly applies to materials: paper, plastic, resin, wood, leather. quartz, glass, acrylic ceramics, etc. Therefore,for metal products and non-metal products, user should choose the appropriate type of laser marking machine

fiber laser marking machine
gold fiber laser marking machine

  Socondly, you need to determine what effect you want to mark.

For fiber laser marking machine,the laser power can decide the marking effect. 20w fiber laser marking machine only can marking. If you want to mark depth, you need to choose 30w and above laser power. 30w fiber laser marking machine can cut 0.7mm sliver or 1mm gold. 50w fiber laser marking machine can cut 1mm sliver or 1.5mm gold.  You can choose the suitable laser power according your needs.

IPG laser germany


  Thirdly, you need to confirm the marking area you want.

For fiber laser marking machine, the F-theta lens decide the range of laser marking. The size of F-theta lens uaually have 100mm*100mm,200mm*200mm and 300mm*300mm.  The larger the F-theta lens can scan ,the more popular it will be. However,if the scanning range is increased,the focus point become larger and the distortion degree also increases. In addition, the focal length and working distance of the F-theta lens also increase.The longer working distance will inevitably lead the loss of laser energy.Therefore, you need choose the most suitable F-theta lens according to different marking area ,or reserve several F-theta lens with different scanning range.


  Forthly, you need to consider more about machine warranty and supplier’s after sale service.

The laser marking machine of XT LASER have 2 years warranty. During the warranty period, when the equipment is out of order and the mechanical parts are damaged(expect for human factors and majeure factors).We can provide free repair, the required replacement parts are also free. Besides, the freight also paid by us.After the warranty period, only the actual cost of repair will be charged. Although warranty have time limit, but our after-sale service is permanent.You can contact after-sale service online if you have any question about the laser marking machine.

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