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service life and stability of the machine

At present, some high power laser cutting machine manufacturers on the market are pursuing higher power, hoping to show their strength, but ignore that high power is not only upgrading the laser power, but also the overall structure of the equipment. For a high power laser cutting machine, higher power requires a more stable bed to ensure processing stability.

The stability of the machine tool directly determines the stability of batch processing and the service life of the machine tool. At present, most of the laser cutting equipment and machine tools on the market have a service life of 2-3 years, and some of them are deform in less than a year. XTLaser insists on independently developing and producing high-quality machine tools for ten years. The machine tool adopts aluminum beam technology, unique switching table chain design, unique partition dust removal device, and structural optimization to ensure that the chain is not easy to break, the workbench is not easy to derail, and the exhaust gas is effectively treat. It greatly improves the machine’s performance while protecting the environment, stability and service life. Thus can guarantee a service life of more than ten years.

Application of fiber laser cutting machine in kitchen and bathroom industry
Application of fiber laser cutting machine in kitchen and bathroom industry

the electrical layout and many “invisible” places

At the same time, we have done very detailed optimization work for the electrical layout and many “invisible” places. For example, the electrical cabinet layout of the entire machine is standardy and the wiring is clear. In addition, all our switchboard series products are equip with an automatic lubrication system as standard. You don’t need to worry about the lubrication and extra wear of mechanical parts within one year after leaving the factory. In addition, for the heat-intensive part of the machine tool, we also added an air conditioning cooling system to ensure the stability of the overall structure.

We have also developed an industry-leading quality inspection process. There are 21 inspection steps in the whole process, and each link is strictly inspected. Finally, mass production tests are carried out according to the samples processed by the customer to ensure processing efficiency and stability, and finally the equipment can be handed over to the customer with confidence.

We suggest that when choosing high power laser cutting machine, you need to carefully consider the following points:

  1. Cutting speed and accuracy;
  2. Check the stability and consistency of continuous cutting at full power;
  3. Speed matching ability of the machine tool;
  4. The advanced nature and precision life of machine tool control.

You cannot simply compare price factors like buying low power laser cutting equipment. High power means high investment, and high investment implies high risk. When enterprises enter this high-return market, they must be aware of its risks. Don’t greed for temporary benefits and ignore the losses caused by later maintenance.




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