What can laser marking do for you,laser marker application-Vincy

What can laser marking do for you?laser marker application-Vincy

Hi,i am Vincy from XTLASER.And i am going to talk about the finction of laser marker.

1.Product classification
First of all, let me introduce the types of laser marking.

And at present, our company mainly produces Fiber,UV and CO2.
But what’s most popular now is Fiber Laser Marking Machine.

Today we share more about laser marker application.

1)Fiber laser marking machine
So why fiber laser marking is the most popular?

Because it has many advantages, such as no tool loss, low power consumption, simple operation and so on.
And it can be almost metals,like brass,stainless steel,ect.

2)UV marking machine
UV Marking Machine has advantags too,like marking clearly.



3)CO2 marking machine
CO2 Marking Machine has also advantages,like cheap.

But at in all,the Fiber Laser Marking Machine is best.
So if you think you need a laser marker,you can visit this article.

2.the finction of fiber laser marking machine
Fiber laser marking can be used for almost all metals.

Like Gold, Silver, Stainless Steel, Copper, Aluminum, Chrome, Brass and more.

1)Application industry
So if you are a sheet metal processor, furniture manufacturer,

Maybe you can choose our marking machine to do some basic information on your products.
In addition, laser marking can also be used in other industries, such as making cups, handicrafts and so on.

It can be said that laser marking is everywhere in our daily life.
And maybe you haven’t heard of laser marking before,..

But in our daily life, laser marking is widely used.

2)Marking smaples
These are smaples about laser marker:

3.advantags of laser marker

1)Low power consumption and about 2 hours per kilowatt hour
2)Long life and about 100,000 hours
3)No tools loss and free-maintenance
4)Small size but efficient
5)Easy to operate and professional

If you have any questions about fiber laser marking machine.Please feel free contact us.
And if you want to see more machine working video,we will send it to you.
Looking forward to you feedback.

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