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Solve problem fiber laser cutting machine can not cut processing

Some companies encounter fiber-cutting laser cutting machines that encounter plate-breaking failures, especially on older equipment. There are many reasons for the workpiece to cut through. And the most common one is that the power of the laser reduce or the lamp is aging. So that the energy of the laser beam is not enough, and the sample not cut. And solve problem fiber laser cutting machine can not cut processing.

In addition, the cutting speed is too fast, the focus lens damage, the focusing effect is poor. And the optical path is not correct, and the voltage is unstable. Then which is the reason why the laser cutting is not transparent.

Of course, there are still many factors that make the template cuts not smooth or opaque, such as the material itself. And the air pressure of the auxiliary gas is not enough. Then the water turbidity of the cooling system is poor. And we must take seriously the problem that the fiber laser cutting machine can’t cut and find out how to solve these problems. Then it is of great significance to improve the production efficiency. And ensure the cutting quality of the fiber laser cutting machine.

Solve the conventional method of cutting the fiber laser cutting machine:

We have already made an analysis of the reasons why the laser cutting process is not transparent. And then we have to propose five corresponding solutions for these reasons.

1. For the problem that the laser power reduction current is small. And we need to replace the laser tube in time. Then replace the larger voltage regulator to increase the laser current output and increase the output power.

2. To properly reduce the cutting speed, clean the contaminated mirror in a timely and reasonable manner, and replace the focusing lens.

3. For the problem of the optical path is not correct, you can re-adjust the optical path and adjust the focal length until the laser shoots a very round spot on the paper.

4. When cutting high-reflection materials such as copper and aluminum, it is best to polish the surface or apply light-absorbing material in advance to cope with the problem of high reflectivity.

5. Regularly clean the foreign matter in the nozzle, increase the pressure of the auxiliary gas, and replace the distilled water of the cooling system in time.

These measures can effectively solve the problem that the fiber laser cutting machine can’t be cut during processing, and hope to help everyone.