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Introduction: With the continuous improvement of laser technology, the application fields of fiber laser cutting machines are constantly expanding, and the product types of fiber laser cutting machines are also constantly increasing. When enterprises purchase fiber laser cutting machines, they often do not know how to choose. Next, let me introduce to you which brand of fiber laser cutting machine is better!

XTji Company is committed to providing advanced laser cutting machines, marking machines, welding machines, cleaning machines, Press brake, supporting automation systems and other laser industrial equipment and full process service systems in the global laser field. It is a professional laser industrial application solution provider integrating research, development, production and sales. As a pioneer in the manufacturing of industrial laser equipment in China, since its establishment 19 years ago, XT Laser products have been highly favored by the market, selling well in over 160 countries and regions worldwide, and serving more than 100000 customers in total.

XT Laser has an annual production capacity of 4000 fiber laser cutting machines, with over 100 global after-sales service outlets. With excellent product quality and comprehensive service system, it has gained the trust and support of global customers. In 2022, XT sold over 1500 laser cutting machines, of which 10000 watt cutting machines accounted for over 30%.

XT Laser adheres to independent innovation, independently develops core technologies such as CNC systems, software, and functional components, and possesses strong vertical capabilities

In 2022, XT Laser moved from single machine products to automation series products, launching intelligent workshop production line solutions for various industries, and comprehensively layout and implement them in different laser fields such as intelligent production lines, intelligent manufacturing, and high-precision laser processing. The high-end industrial control software platform developed by XT Laser and key components such as high photoelectric conversion lasers have been widely used in fields such as automotive manufacturing and metal processing manufacturing.

The laser welding machine can meet the requirements of large travel and high precision, with high positioning repetition accuracy, fast welding speed and high efficiency, and can weld any track in space such as points, straight lines, circles, ellipses and squares. It can achieve spot welding, butt welding, overlap welding, seal welding, etc. on the workpiece.

Laser cleaning machine, non-contact cleaning, does not damage the substrate of parts, precise cleaning, can achieve precise position and size selective cleaning; No need for any chemical cleaning solution, no consumables, safe and environmentally friendly; Easy to operate, can be powered on, and can be handheld or combined with a robotic arm to achieve automated cleaning; High cleaning efficiency and time saving; The laser cleaning system has basic characteristics such as stability and almost no need for maintenance. Robot laser cleaning machines also have the advantages of replacing manual labor, doubling efficiency, and making production more intelligent and automated.

Laser marking machine, with a wide variety of products, can meet the marking needs of different materials; Support for functional expansion, including visual positioning, autofocus, camera functions, etc; Support non-standard customization, achieve automated marking, and meet customer needs.

The XT Plate Laser Cutting Machine has a full range of low and high power coverage and cutting formats, which can meet the diverse needs of customers; The cyclone type semi hollow bed has a small heating area, avoiding long-term high-temperature deformation of the bed, providing strong guarantee for customers to achieve long-term batch stable cutting; A dust removal system based on air fluid analysis and equipped with high-power fans to create a clean operating environment. Industry leading product configuration and support for customized selection and services.

Pipe laser cutting machine, equipped with intelligent digital chuck, covering all pipe models; Heavy welded bed, high stability, high-temperature annealing treatment, less heat absorption, preventing deformation, and good equipment accuracy maintenance; Ultra short tail material and “0” tail material cutting machine to improve material utilization rate; The equipment is equipped with an automatic lubrication system to reduce equipment maintenance and upkeep.

The integrated plate and tube cutting machine has the characteristics of one machine for dual use, plate and tube cutting, and flexible switching. The aviation aluminum beam formed based on rigid flexible coupling analysis is simulated under actual working conditions, while bearing multi-source loads from the beam’s own acceleration and motor torque. Reasonable layout design, high strength, strong stability, and ensuring long-term high-speed cutting; The dual advantages of integrated pipe cutting machine and plate cutting machine reduce the floor area; The new Tianban tube integrated cutting machine has industry-leading product configurations and supports customized selection and services.

The automated feeding and cutting machine adopts a dedicated system for control and intelligent monitoring. The feeding and feeding are controlled by motors, cylinders, etc. The energy is clean, pollution-free, and the noise is low. Easy to operate, foolproof buttons, stable operation, and fixed cycle operation. The feeding range is wide and can be used for feeding round pipes, square pipes, channel steel, and other materials. To save labor costs, the traditional feeding method has been changed to magazine feeding, simplifying production processes and improving production efficiency. By touching the screen, efficient feeding can be achieved, and the pipe feeding can be completed within 30 seconds.

The electro-hydraulic numerical control Press brake integrates an industrial grade multi-point touch screen, which can easily access the bending user interface; Fully intelligent navigation for slider movement adjustment, convenient and efficient debugging, safety and efficiency. The unique intelligent navigation debugging function makes the machine tool debugging process clear, accurate, safe, and efficient. By controlling the operation of electric motors through computer program circuits, it is possible to achieve program linkage control of multiple motors and process complex curve trajectories at rotational speeds. Automated unmanned operation makes production easier!

The above are all best-selling products of XT Laser! Good quality brings good feedback, believe in us, believe in quality! In situations where the usage time is longer and the usage effect is more stable than other products, the XT laser cutting machine is more worth purchasing!

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