Reasons and Solutions for Imperfect Cutting of Laser Cutting Machine

The laser cutting machine is cutting metal sheets

During the use of laser cutting machines, there may be situations where metal laser cutting machines cannot cut through materials, which affects the processing quality of our laser cutting machines. While wasting materials, it can also have a certain impact on the laser cutting machine. Why is there a situation where the incision of sheet metal parts is not smooth or the fiber laser cutting machine cannot cut through? What to do if the laser cutting machine cannot cut through? Let’s take a look together.

Why is there a situation where the laser cutting machine cannot cut through the laser cutting machine?

In general, the reasons why laser cutting cannot cut through are:

Laser power reduction

After a long period of use, the power of the laser in the fiber laser cutting machine will gradually decrease over time, ultimately leading to a decrease in cutting ability and the occurrence of incomplete cutting.

The thickness of the processed sheet exceeds the cutting thickness limit of the equipment

Fiber laser cutting machines with different powers will have a limit cutting thickness. If the limit thickness is exceeded, it will lead to unsatisfactory cutting performance of the equipment, including incomplete cutting.

Optical component contamination

Optical components, including focusing mirrors, reflecting mirrors, etc., can easily leave residue on the surface of these lenses due to long-term exposure to poor working conditions, reducing the laser power of the equipment and resulting in incomplete cutting.

Equipment spot debugging does not meet the standard

The light spot of the fiber laser cutting machine is the most important factor affecting the cutting quality. When the light spot debugging does not meet the standard, there may also be a situation of incomplete cutting.

Equipment cutting speed too fast

If the cutting speed is too fast, missed cutting will inevitably occur, leading to incomplete cutting.

Insufficient auxiliary gas pressure

Auxiliary gas is used to help blow off residue during cutting. When the air pressure is not reached, the residue is difficult to remove, which can lead to incomplete cutting. The above are the main reasons for incomplete cutting during fiber laser cutting machine processing.

What to do if the laser cutting machine cannot cut through?

So, to solve this problem of impenetrability, we need to find the root cause of the problem. We need to investigate one by one. Solution to laser cutting failure:

1. Check if the power of the laser cutting machine has decreased. If so, we need to replace the laser tube in a timely manner and use a smoother and larger voltage regulator to increase the laser current output and increase the output power.

2. When cutting, we need to reduce the cutting speed and clean the contaminated reflector reasonably, replacing the focusing lens.

3. For the issue of incorrect optical path, you can readjust the optical path and adjust the focal length until the laser strikes a very circular spot on the paper.

4. When cutting copper and aluminum, it is best to polish its surface in advance or apply light absorbing materials to address the issue of high reflectivity.

5. Regularly clean the foreign objects inside the nozzle, increase the pressure of the auxiliary gas, and replace the distilled water in the cooling system in a timely manner.

We can follow the above method when dealing with the problem of incomplete cutting. We will do every step well, so that there will be no incomplete cutting or unsmooth cutting. The above is the content shared by the editor today. If there is no more relevant content, please continue to follow us.

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