Why is your price of fiber laser machine so expensive?-Ariel

Why is your price of fiber laser machine so expensive?

We always receive our client’s email. And they asked “why is your price of fiber laser machine so expensive”? Actually,we are not surprised by the other prices you mentioned.But there are some details we should pay more attention,even the machine seems same…

*1.laser source:
Laser source is the most import parts of whole machine,like engine of the car. So we choose real Raycus laser source,best brand in China also famous in the world.Here is their website:www.raycuslaser.com,if needed, you can check it.Here is the pic of laser source.

*2.Ezcad control board
Now many supplier use copy software,which is cheaper than original.They can only support win 7 32bit.Our original can support win 7/8/10 and can update at any times. Also there is difference in the function.Here are the pics of two types.

*3.2D working table
It can adjust X and Y axis(Front and Back,Left and Right),which is more easily for us to mark on small parts material,do not need use hand to move.*4.Red pointer:
Our machine have two poiner,it is easy to find the foucs. Other only have one, you need to test on material to find the foucs.

XT LASER provide two years warranty for full machine,if some parts broken within warranty,if not human damage, we will pay for the delivery cost for change and repair broken parts.

*6.After sales service
We have online after department, they will help you learn and operate the machine,also,am often stay up to midnight,so if any questions of the machine, we can respond you in time.

Hope there can help you choose a best suitable machine.

More machine details,pls check our website.
Any other questions,pls feel free to contact me.
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