Preparation when getting fiber laser cutting machine-Teresa

Preparation when getting fiber laser cutting machine

Many customers asked asked us about the preparation when getting fiber laser cutting machine. Here share the information with you. When you get the machine, need to prepare below things:

1. Gases:

If you will cut stainless steel, aluminum, brass, you need to prepare at least 2 bottles of Nitrogen. If you will cut carbon steel, you need to prepare 2-3 bottles of Oxygen. The purity of the gas is better to be 99.9% to 99.99%.

2. Alcohol: 

Purity is 99.99%,if we need change the lens of laser head,we need to use it.
And in your future using,you also need it to clean the lens.

3. Pure Water

Water chiller need pure water,not the normal water.

4. Industrial voltage

The suitable industrial voltage3 phases 380V, you should have it already.

5. Prepare the lubricating oil.

You know we have the lubricating oil system, to make sure the guide rail,rack and pinion,etc.

6. Tools

If possible,prepare some tools, like Wrench, pliers, electric drill,need install the machine.

Also.Do not damage the package,when engineers arrived at your factory,you open the package together.

When the machine is coming to your factory,let me know when you have time for installation and training. we need time to apply the visa for engineer.

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