Preparation before installation–Oriole

Preparation before installation of cutter

Today we will share the preparation before installation. We will save the parameters in the computer, but the sheet model is different in different country. Just adust the parameter slightly, and we will also provide after-sales service.

Preparation before installation
                                        Preparation before installation

At least 2-3 bottles of nitrogen.

2.Alcohol, Pure water
Purity is 99.99%, if we need to change the lens of laser head, we need to use it.
And in your future using, you also need to clean the lens.
Water chiller need pure water, not normal water.

3.The suitable industry voltage
Standard voltage of laser machine in China is 380v or 3phase, 50hz.
Based on your local voltage, we add a transformer and stablizer.

4.Lubricating oil
Automatic lubricating system make sure the guide rail and rack to move smoothly.

Such as wrench, pliers, electric drill, preparing for installation of machine.

6.Do not damage the package
After you receive the machine, we will build a group by whatsapp, our engineer will be there to guide you step by step. We have a seperate after-sales service, they will ensure your high-efficient production in time.

Any need or questions welcome to contact us without any hesitation.


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