Preferred Laser Pipe Cutting Machine in the Metal Pipe Processing Industry

XT Laser Pipe Cutting Machine

Laser pipe cutting machine is a specialized machine tool that uses laser technology to cut various shapes on pipe fittings and profiles. It is a high-tech product that integrates CNC technology, laser cutting, and precision machinery. It has the characteristics of professionalism, high speed, high precision, high efficiency, and high cost-effectiveness, making it the preferred equipment for the non-contact metal pipe processing industry.

Laser cutting requires a high degree of freedom for the material, shape, size, processing environment, and other requirements of the pipe. It has excellent spatial control (beam direction change, rotation, scanning, etc.) and time control (on, off, pulse interval), making it easy to control. Additionally, due to the high precision and low burrs of laser cutting, it greatly reduces the time consumed for subsequent processing. When changing the diameter or shape of pipes, only the program needs to be modified, so developing pipe cutting software is of great research value. The combination of laser cutting system and computer numerical control technology can form efficient automation equipment, opening up new paths for high-quality, efficient, and low-cost processing.

So how to use it

How about laser cutting pipes using a laser cutting machine?

Firstly, the focused laser beam must ensure synchronous operation with the cut pipe on the automatic pipe cutting production line; Secondly, it is required that the laser focus after focusing can rotate one cycle relative to the cut pipe, and the laser beam axis always intersects vertically with the pipe axis. During the cutting process, the laser beam of the pipe cutting production line moves along with the cut pipe. These synchronous movements must be controlled through a dedicated control system, so the research on the automatic production line for laser cutting of pipes is also of great significance.

Due to the non-contact processing method adopted by the pipe laser cutting machine, there will be no pressure on the pipe wall during the entire processing process, so it will not cause deformation or collapse of the outer surface of the pipe.

Compared to traditional processing equipment such as flame cutting, plasma cutting, and water cutting, the accuracy of laser cutting of metal sheets is much higher. At the same time, as mentioned above, different materials may undergo slight expansion and contraction deformation during the processing process. Pipe laser cutting machines can flexibly adjust according to these deformations, which is also beyond the reach of many traditional processes.

About XT Laser

Jinan XT Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2004 and is located in Jinan, Quanzhou City. The company is committed to providing advanced laser cutting machines, marking machines, welding machines, cleaning machines, and supporting automation systems in the global laser industry, as well as a full process service experience. It is a professional laser industrial application solution provider that integrates research and development, production, and sales.

XT Laser adheres to innovation orientation and has a research and development team of nearly 100 people. It has a 28000 square meter industrial park base and a 20000 square meter intelligent equipment center factory area in Jinan. After years of hard work, the market has spread to over 160 countries and regions around the world, with over 40 service outlets and nearly a hundred agents established worldwide, creating a three-hour rapid response service chain to provide customers with 24-hour protection and provide full lifecycle services for products and customers.