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Precautions for laser cutting machine in winter

Now wither is coming in China.Many clients don’t know how to maintain the fiber laser cutting machine.So this article is about precautions for laser cutting machine in winter.

How to delay fiber laser cutting machine aging speed

As the temperature is getting lower and lower, please note that the water temperature of the chiller is higher than 20 degrees in the morning before turning on the laser. Otherwise, there will be laser alarm without laser.

Therefore, in order to ensure the normal operation of your equipment and avoid the equipment failure caused by the freezing of the internal circulating water of the chiller or the laser, please be sure to operate according to the following methods (one of three).

Firstly,every day before work, empty the circulating water in the chiller, including the residual water in the filter cup;Most of the water can be discharged through the sewage outlet, and then remove the high and low temperature water inlet pipe, the chiller will be electrified, instantly remove the residual water inside the pipe.

Secondly,Keep the chiller on for 24 hours to prevent night circulation water from freezing.

Add antifreeze to the chiller to ensure no freezing at 20℃ below zero.IPG laser recommended clariant alcohol-based antifreeze, adding ratio of 3:7, antifreeze ratio of 3, water ratio of 7.(for example, the volume of water tank is 100 liters with 30 liters of antifreeze, and 70 liters of pure water) (please do not buy any non-brand antifreeze)

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