Meaning of various processes of fiber laser cutting machine

Xintian Laser-fiber laser cutting machine
Laser cutting is a non-contact metal cutting technology with high precision, no indentation and good cutting quality. With the development of manufacturing industry, the quality requirements of laser cutting become higher and higher. Especially in the sheet metal processing industry, the application of fiber laser cutting machine is very common. In order to ensure the quality of the workpiece, the process parameters need to be determined according to the actual situation. In practical work, in order to meet the processing requirements of different types of plates, it is necessary to understand the various process names of the fiber laser cutting machine according to the size, processing accuracy and shape characteristics of the plates.

Parameter setting
The parameters of fiber laser cutting machine include cutting speed, power, gas cutting, etc. Laser cutting analyzes cutting quality and cutting efficiency respectively, and analyzes different effects, but it reaches various parameters required by laser cutting combination. After optimization, different factories adapt to the cost structure, emphasizing quality and efficiency to a certain extent.
Cutting speed
The laser head of the laser cutting machine can move along the shape of the workpiece in unit time. The higher the laser cutting speed, the shorter the cutting time and the higher the production efficiency of laser cutting. However, if other parameters are set, there is no linear relationship between laser cutting speed and cutting quality. The appropriate cutting speed is the value in this range. Below this range, the excess energy generated by the laser beam will remain on the surface of the part, causing excessive combustion. Beyond this range, the energy of the laser beam reaches too slowly, the material of the part cannot be completely dissolved, and it is difficult to penetrate the incision.
laser power
Laser output is the output energy of the laser system, while laser cutting is the ability of the laser beam to dissolve materials in a unit time.
Focus position
The laser output finally converges to the highest power density point through a special lens. The diameter of the focus is proportional to the focal depth of the focusing lens. Set the focus of the laser cutting machine to make the thickness of different positions different. Correct focusing position is an important condition to ensure stable cutting quality. The quality of laser cutting is not only related to the quality of laser beam, but also related to the performance of laser beam focusing system. That is to say, the size of laser cutting after focusing has a great impact on the quality of laser beam.
Pressure support
Cut a seam at the gap. Proper air pressure will help to speed up the laser cutting speed, and the auxiliary air pressure will also affect the cutting efficiency of the fiber laser cutting machine. When the laser cutting material thickness increases or the cutting speed is slow, please reduce the air pressure appropriately. Low air pressure cutting prevents frosting.
Nozzle distance
The focused laser is irradiated on the part surface through the copper nozzle. The distance between the workpiece and the laser nozzle is called the nozzle distance. Measure the distance and pressure from the flow to the nozzle to the workpiece. Too much gas injection force and too much exhaust flow will affect the splash at too far away. The appropriate distance is 0.8-1.0. Select different types of nozzles according to the thickness of the material.
For example, set the material thickness to 3 mm, the focus position to – 4 mm, the nitrogen cutting pressure to 12 Pa, the nozzle spacing to 1 mm, the power of the fiber laser cutting machine to 3000 W, the cutting speed to 12 m/min, the parameters are adjustable, and the cutting conditions are good. After many tests, the cutting surface will become smooth after adjusting the parameters to the best conditions.

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