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How to keep laser cutting machine in good condition? How to maintain a laser cutter?

How to maintain a laser cutter? The following points might be of some help for you.

1.To maintain a laser cutting machine How to maintain a laser cutter?

The cooling system must be ground. Clean the water tank and water circuit on a regular basis. The temperature control point of the cooling temperature control water tank must appropriate, otherwise we may damage the laser tube. Dew formation might also come up.What is worse, the laser power will reduce. The cold water might head fall off. Therefore we will shorten the life greatly. Meanwhile, sometimes it can not work, resulting in continuous pipe replacement.

Rightly install the laser tube fulcrum of the laser cutting machine. The fulcrum should be at 1/4 of the total length of the laser tube. Otherwise, the spot mode of the laser tube will deteriorat. Sometimes the spot will become several points within a period of time, causing the laser power reduction. Therefore, cannot meet the requirements. How to maintain a laser cutter?

2. To keep laser cutting machine in good condition

Water protection should always be inspected and cleaned.

3. The suction device should be checked and cleaned regularly

And the fan duct should clean. Otherwise, a lot of smoke and dust cannot be discharg. This contaminates the lens and the laser tube. Sothat the mechanical and electronic parts are easily oxidize and cause poor contact.

4. Focus lens and reflector inspection

Lens frame will become hot after a time of working. The lens surface will become discolore and rusty. When peeling and cracking comes in to being, we must replace objects. Especially many customers use air pumps and air compressors, so focus lenses this can easily causes accumulation of water on the surface. So it is necessary to regularly ensure the cleanliness and quality of the lenses in the optical path system.

5. Ensure a good working environment for the machine.

The working environment of the laser cutting machine should not too harsh. For example, the ambient temperature is higher than 30 degrees and lower than 18 degrees. There is too much dust and serious air pollution. This will cause damage of o the machin And the failure rate will continue to rise. The electrical accessories in a humid environment can easily to go wrong.

6. The working current of the laser tube must be reasonable.

It cannot work at full power for a long time. We must reasonably applythe laser and save the laser. The optical path system should clean regularly, otherwise the laser tube will age and rupture prematurely. During operation the power of the laser equipment should adjust 50-60% of the total power. And then adjust the working speed according to the material, this way is the best working state of the laser tube.

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