XTLASER Handheld fiber laser welding machine introduction-Eliza

Handheld laser welding machine-Eliza

Handheld fiber laser welding machine is more and more popular in Europe market now.Handheld fiber laser welding machine introduction, here we share more information about it.

Compared to YAG, for fiber laser machine:

①Firstly,Free maintenence.Spare part is only protective lens.

②Secondly,Long lifetime.Fiber laser source lifetime is 100,000 hours.

③Thirdly,Continus welding,welding effect is much better.

④Fourthly,can add auto wire feeder.

Here we introduce machine details.

1.Firstly, laser welding machine details:

2. Secondly, working videos (easy to operate):

Operation video: https://youtu.be/lKFS9ahWetc

Welding videos: https://youtu.be/gAlr1gkljhM

3.Thirdly, welding ability

1kw penetration welding thickness up to 3mm steel/iron,1mm brass,aluminum.

1.5kw up to 4 mm steel/iron,2mm brass and aluminum.

2kw up to 5 mm steel, 4mm iron, 2mm brass and aluminum.

Welding machine work efficiency is 5 times than TIG welding.

4. Forthly, laser source

Max is China best brand and IPG is World best brand.

When you need to weld high-reflective metal,you can choose IPG,it is better.

5. Fifthly, laser welding machine head

Wobble laser head, Hanwei brand. Weight 0.8kg.

Hanwei spot size is 1.5/2.5(optional), but you can choose one and fix it.

6. Sixthly, auto wire feeding device for laser welding machine

For this device, which is mainly for welding seam.

Some customer has high requirement for the welding outcome, then we would introduce this device to the customer.

If the seam is very large, this device would help make up it.





More questions just let us know.

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