Life of laser cutter extention method – Damon

Life of laser cutter extention – I. Good grounding laser power supply, machine bed must have good grounding protection. Ground wire application is less than 4Ω dedicated ground.

1. Ensure the laser power supply works properly

2. Extend the life of the laser tube

3. Prevent the machine to beat from external interference

4. Prevent to cause circuit damage with high-voltage discharge

II. Cooling water must keep open whether it is tap water or circulating water pump. Cooling water is to take away the heat generated by the laser tube. The higher the water temperature, the lower the light output power (15-20°C water temperature is best). When the water is cut off, the tube end will burst due to the heat accumulated in the laser cavity.  Therefore, it is very necessary to check whether the cooling water is unobstruct or not at any time.

III. There are necessary conditions for the normal operation of the laser engraving machine. It includs cleaning and maintenance, good ventilation, and cleaning the machine at any time. If our joints are not flexible, we cannot move? In the same way, the machine tool guide is a high-precision core component. Every job must kept clean and lubricate. Each bearing must also fill with oil regularly so that the drive can be flexibly and accurately processed.

Life of laser cutter extention – IV. Ambient temperature and humidity ambient temperature should be in the range of 5-35°C.

Special attention is: the following must do if in an environment below freezing:

1. Prevent the circulating water freezing in the laser tube and radiate the water completely after the machine shutdown

2. When the camera is turn on, the laser current must warm up for more than 5 minutes to work. In the rainy days or humid environment, the laser power supply requires a longer warm-up time.

V. Dial the key of “high laser pressure” in correctly, when the key works, the laser power supply is in a standby state. When it encounters “manual light output” or a computer malfunctions, it will emit laser light. So that will wound human and injured inadvertently. Therefore, it must turn off “laser high pressure” at any time for each completed work, such as discontinuous processing. It’s better that the continuous working time be less than 5 hours. And the operator should rest 30 minutes in the middle.

VI. Stay away from strong battery shocks, it may sometimes cause the machine to malfunction.

Although it is rare, it should be avoided as much as possible. Such as large electric welders, giant electric mixers, and large power transmission and transformation equipment, should be far away. Strong vibration equipment is more self-evident, such as forging presses, vibrations caused by the walking of a close range motor vehicle, etc., the apparent jitter of the ground is very unfavorable for accurate engraving.

VII. Lightning strike as long as the building lightning protection measures can be reliable.

As well as good grounding can also help prevent lightning. Special advice: In unstable areas (such as voltage fluctuations exceeding 5%), users are requested to install a regulated power supply with a capacity of at least 3000 W to prevent sudden voltage surges from burning down the circuit or the computer.


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