High power fiber laser cutting machine GP series-Ariel

High power fiber laser cutting machine GP series

Nowadays more and more clients choose high power fiber laser cutting machine for their cutting job.So this article is about our high power fiber laser cutting machine GP series.

1.Full enclosed design.Here is our machine photo

2.Cutting area

We have 2000*4000mm,2000*6000m,2500*6000mm and 2500*8000mm cutting area can be chose.

3.Here is the cutting videos




3,Exchanging Platform Automatic Door

Firstly,we introduce the automatic door.

Exchanging Platform Automatic Door

When 2 table exchanges,the exchane table door will be up. And for the operator who are loading plate to the behind exchange table,they will notice exchange table working,and take care.
So it can protect operator from hurting.


And also,we introduce the automatic Exchanging Platform.
It adopts an up and down exchange platform, parallel shift;
The converter is responsible for controlling the exchanging motor;
The machine is able to finish the platform exchanging within 25s,greatly save loading and unloading time.

4,Dual Camera Monitor system.

Dual Camera Monitor system.

Dual camera,no blind area;
Watch the cutting process in real time;
Dual LCD display.

5.Laser power

It can do 6000w,8000w,12000w,15000w and 20000w.So if you want to choose a high power fiber laser cutting machine,

GP series will be a good choice.

Hope these information will be helpful to you.If you have any other questions,pls feel free to let me know.

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