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Laser Marking Machine Application of Watches

Watches can be seen everywhere in our life. If They are not only used to observe time, but also a symbol of status. Everyone knows that the space range of the watch is very narrow. if Laser marking, as a new type of laser processing technology, it use in all walks of life.

Laser marking technology has the following characteristics for external surface information marking.

Today,XT LASER will share some informations to you.

1. if It can reduce costs, save consumables, achieve more delicate marking effect in processing, improve the added value of products, and make products more competitive in the market.

2. so Permanent marking, strong recognition ability! No anti-counterfeiting ability.

3. if In the process of processing, safety, environmental protection, laser marking machine will not have any harmful effects on people and the environment. laser marking machine  belongs to non-contact processing technology. It does not directly touch the surface of the watch, and there is no mechanical force to extrude  It plays an irreplaceable role in watch manufacturing. More able to ensure the quality and value of watches!If A good boutique, just like a work of art, needs Masters’meticulous carving. computer software program control  laser marking machine It uses tiny laser beam to precisely control the hand surface for fast scanning.Compared with the traditional processing, it not only guarantees the quality, but also improves the processing efficiency more effectively.


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