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Laser cutting technology in metal processing – The sheet metal processing is popular in almost all walks of life. And the technologies found in cutting sheet metal (below 6mm) include laser cutting, plasma cutting, flame cutting, plate shearing machine and punching etc. Among them, the laser cutting technology rise and boom in recent years.

Compared to traditional cutting methods, the laser cutting technology in metal processing is easier to understand and learn. Also it has obvious advantages in custom processing effect and speed. We can see, laser cutting technology is trending.

Development of the powerful laser technology

Laser technology is one of the top four significant innovations in the 19th century. Together with atomic energy, semiconductor and computer has good repuatation as the sharpest knife, the most accurate ruler and the brightest light. However, the barrier in the technology has not broken through until the 20th century. The technology combine with advanced equipment, promoting the development of advance equipment manufacturing industry. The technology has permeated into different fields such as metal processing, steel, aerospace, automobile making and medical equipment.

How does the laser cutting work

Exposed to the high power and density laser beams, the object to cut will heat to the vaporization temperature in a short time. And then it will evaporat with holes form. With the moving beams, the holes that consecutively formed. Then form a narrow seam (around 0.1mm), in this way, an object is finally cut into pieces. This is how it works.

Advantages of the laser cutting technology

Considering the efficiency, speed and precision, the laser cutting technology is definitely the first choice for the sheet metal cutting industry. Because it can cut almost everything without any deformation to materials. And it can solve the problems in traditional cutting technology or materials with low cutting quality problem. For example, the carbon steel plate.

In recent years, the laser cutting technology is becoming the core technology of manufacturers. It has laser vaporization cutting, laser melting cutting, laser oxygen cutting, and laser scribing and fracture controlled cutting. Better yet, the laser melting cutting fits to all meltable materials such as metal.

This amazing finding changed the traditional manufacturing method of Doyle (a company in Palmyra). It has a history of 50 years. The laser cutting machine come from Cincinnati Inc. At least 90% processing time and greatly reduced the consumption of nitrogen.

A rising star in laser cutting industry

When people talk about laser cutting, people think many famous enterprises. One of which is XT, a rising star in the industry. The company is a high-tech company integrated with R&D, production and sale which has a modernize technology and top research center. Now the company’s products include fiber laser cutting, marking  and welding and cleaning machine. XT-F1530 is an ideal entry level product of XT. It has perfect mechanical property, high carbon content, comprehensive strength and hardness. It comes with 1000W-4000W laser device. The machine can meet different requirements on materials and thickness. The cutting speed it can achieve is up to 170m/min.


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