Improve your Laser Cutting Efficiency by Six Functions-Serena

Improve your Laser Cutting Efficiency by two Functions

Here below the two ways to improve laser cutting efficiency.

Considering that piercing usually takes a long time while cutting thick sheets. Burning-out is likely to happen. The pre-piercing function that reduces the burning-out chance is a kind of cutting technology. Instead of a function owne by laser cutting machine. During use, automatic programming system is a helper. When cutting thick sheets, two stages will be experience, namely, piercing and cutting.

The pre-piercing is good for cutting efficiency improvement. Specifically speaking, laser focus is adjuste to the position where piercing is easy to be done. Then, stop the laser cutting machine and translocate the focus to the best cutting position. As a result, piercing duration is save by half or above. In addition, it is also allowed to change other technical parameters at the interval of pre-piercing and cutting. Such as, air and continuous wave are use for piercing and sheets are cut by oxygen. As thus, enough time is left for gas change.

laser cutter

In general, sheet metals are supported by saw-tooth bearing bars during laser cutting. If cutting parts are not small enough, they will can’t fall from bar gaps. Otherwise, which fail to be supported and will be out of balance with upwarp. In such case, the high-speed cutting head may collide with them to give rise to shutdown. Or even destroy the cutting head.

Such drawback can be settle by micro-connection technology. Sheet metals are disconnect to a certain degree. And the cutting parts will be still connect with circumambient segments, without any fall. The disconnection (0.2~1mm) is call as bridge site. Or micro-connection.
The micro-connection makes the connection between cutting parts and circumambient segments possible. For technically-mature programming software. Bridge sites in right amount can be automatically add according to the length of sheet profile. Or whether the adding is necessary will be judge according to the inner and outer profil. As thus, the inner profile (scraps) without bridge site will fall down. But outer profile (cutting parts) are still connect with parent metal without any fall. Hence, it is good for freeing workers from sorting-out.

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