Laser cutting machine brand which is good

Laser cutting machine brand which is good
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Laser cutting machine brand which is good? In the country to do laser cutting machine equipment manufacturers have a lot of equipment configuration and prices are not the same, such as laser cutting machine such a large-scale equipment, it is recommended that more than a few comparisons and site visits are better, in the factory site visits under the strength of the company, etc., compared to the configuration of the various parameters of the equipment, cutting out the quality of samples of the good and bad, as well as the manufacturer can provide services, etc., it is recommended that the best choice of research and development strength, the market reputation of a good company. The best choice is to choose a company with strong research and development strength and good reputation in the market. Then let’s take a look at how to choose the laser cutting machine manufacturers!
Laser cutting machine selection is as follows:
First, we have to understand when buying a laser cutting machine, this machine can cut what kind of material, can cut the thickness, whether its width to meet their own need to process the size of the plate, what kind of specific products can be produced and processed, so that we can choose the appropriate laser cutting machine according to our needs, suitable for their own is the best choice.
Second, to understand the performance of the laser cutting machine, cutting speed, accuracy, processing efficiency, cutting effect and so on, this can be seen through the sampling, before deciding to buy a laser cutting machine, be sure to let the manufacturer sample, the actual cutting effect of the machine is naturally the first choice of our purchase of equipment.
Third, the stability of the laser cutting machine performance. How to quality and quantity to complete customer orders, buy stable performance of laser processing equipment is the basis.
Fourth, the laser cutting machine manufacturer strength is big enough? Field inspection of the manufacturer’s plant, to understand the number of users of the manufacturer’s laser cutting machine, choose the strength of the manufacturer. Because some skin bag company, sell a few units a year, after a few years on the production of laser cutting machine, customers buy the equipment in a few years to find the maintenance.
Fifth, choose the brand with good after-sales service. Each manufacturer’s after-sales service varies greatly, the warranty period also varies. In the after-sales service, it is necessary to provide customers with routine maintenance programmes, for the machine and laser software, there must be a corresponding training system to help customers get started as soon as possible. Moreover, no matter how good the laser cutting machine is, users will encounter problems during use. When the manufacturer encounters a problem that the customer cannot solve by himself, it is very important for the manufacturer to be able to provide a timely solution. This is also an important factor to consider when we buy a laser cutting machine.
Which is the best brand of laser cutting machine? Or you have to choose for yourself, according to the above 5 steps to choose the ideal manufacturer in your mind, there is a saying that a price is one cent, want such a big equipment do not don’t don’t the manufacturer’s cheaper, there are a lot of manufacturers cheaper price is cheap reason, there are a lot of configurations parts with the almost, that the quality of the difference is very big.

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