Laser cleaning machine application industry-Anne

Laser cleaning machine application industry

Laser rust removal system is the technical of laser machine which can remove the rust from metal surface.-laser cleaning machine.

XT LASER Laser cleaning with character of no grinding and non-contact, laser cleaning machine mostly clean organic pollutants,

If some buyer also use to clean inorganic substances, including metal corrosion, metal particles, dust, etc.  to contact us.


laser cleaning machine usage

XT LASER Handheld laser rust remover sold well all over the world, people also called this machine is laser rust removal machine, or laser rust removal tool, or laser cleaner gun, Laser cleaner is easy to install, operate and realize automation: just connect the power supply, turn on the cleaner, and you can carry out the cleaning which does not need chemical reagent and medium;

In addition, laser cleaner is flexible for focusing, perfectly applicable to cleaning of various planar surfaces, curved surfaces and even internal cavities, with high surface cleanliness; so laser cleaner is a new technial of consumables-free / environment-friendly high-tech surface cleaning product

At present, XT LASER machinery have laser cleaning machine with high laser power 100W 200W 500W 1KW, so Low power machine with air cooling and high power machine use water cooling, the cleaning head weight about 4.5kg, working temperature 15℃-35℃, u can choose optional configuration with handheld and automatic.

About laser cleaning solution of XT laser rust remover system ( laser cleaning machine) as below.

it can do rust removal, Greasy dirt removal, paint layer removal, rail rust removal, but bronze cleaning and frescos cleaning. mostly use on ship, cultural relic protection, aviation, food industry, rail, automobile peripheral, rubber mould, rail, food industry.etc

For  now,laser cleaning machine more and more popular in the market.

If you have any questions of machine,welcome to contact us.

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