Welding inspection – Elena

An Introduction to Welding Inspection

During welding inspection, it can evaluates many characteristics of the weld. Some relating to the welds size, and others relating to the presence of weld discontinuities.

Introduction to destructive weld testing.

Destructive weld testing. As the name suggests, involves the physical destruction of the completed weld in order to evaluate its characteristics. So we often use this method of testing for a number of applications.

Inspection and Testing for Welding Procedure Qualification

To perform a weld, we often use Welding Procedures as the guidelines. And they can provide a record of the welding variables used and the inspection results obtained during the procedure qualification test.

Radiographic and Ultrasonic Testing of Welds

Radiographic and ultrasonic weld inspection, these are the two most common methods of non-destructive testing (NDT), we use it to detect discontinuities within the internal structure of welds. The obvious advantage of both these methods of testing is their ability to help establish the weld’s internal integrity without destroying the welded component.

Visual Inspection of Welded Connections

Visual inspection is probably the most underrated, and often misused, method of welding inspection. Due to its simplicity and lack of complex equipment, we often underestimated the potential of this inspection method.

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