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 jewelry cutting parameters

Here we share some jewelry cutting parameters with u.

1.Cutting videos

Firstly,we share some cutting videos.

Metal:0.5mm brass with 110*110mm lens
Machine:50w Raycus


2.cutting ability

Secondly,we introduce cutting ability.

And firstly,30w can cut maximum about 0.6-0.7mm gold /silver/brass.
And secondly,50w can cut maximum about 1.2mm gold /silver/brass.

3.cutting parameters

And then,u can set  parameters.
speed:100 mm/s
loop count:160 for 30w; 60-100 for 50w

4.wobble parameters

If the jewelry sheet is too thick,which is difficult to cut,u can use the wobble to improve the  cutting
the wobble parameters:
Distance:0.1 or 0.2mm

But this setting will improve the jewelry loss,the cutting width is wider,so do not always use this function.


If u want to cut jewelry,u need to choose 110*110mm lens. or less.such as 50*50mm and 70*70mm.
It is the best lens for faster cutting speed.
We do not suggest using other bigger lens to cut.

More questions just let us know.
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