Is the laser cutting machine easy to use? What should I pay attention to when purchasing metal laser cutting machine?

Laser cutting machine can be used in many industries
With the development of science and technology, the types of optical fiber laser cutting machines are becoming more and more abundant, and the requirements of the market for metal processing quality are also increasing. There is a choice space from 500W to more than 10000W. Laser cutting machine integrates precision cutting, pipe cutting and pipe cutting, and has become the most popular metal processing and molding products in recent years. In fact, metal laser cutting machine has a long history, but its development has reached its peak. Is the laser cutting machine easy to use? You will know after reading this article patiently.

Is the laser cutting machine easy to use? Should you buy it.
If you are the following types of boss, you must buy a laser cutting machine to try. It can greatly improve the quality and efficiency of products, improve your productivity and save costs.
● Sheet metal processing boss: a large number of production and processing requirements, different batches, large batches and small batches of production requirements can be perfectly solved by laser cutting machine.
● Kitchen utensils industry boss: the kitchen utensils industry has high requirements for metal material processing, and the kitchen utensils industry uses more metal plates and pipes. The use of metal laser cutting machine can maximize the benefits.
● Advertising decoration/building hardware: most building hardware materials can be processed by metal laser cutting machine.
● Mechanical manufacturing/chassis and cabinet: in these industries, there are also a large number of metal materials. Metal laser cutting machine can be used for metal plates and pipes with different thickness.
Is the laser cutting machine easy to use? Whether the laser cutting machine is good or not depends on whether you will buy it and whether you have bought it correctly. Pay attention to these when choosing, so that you can avoid detours and buy a good laser cutting machine at one time.
From the perspective of brand: there are many brands of laser cutting machines on the market, with uneven quality. Some brands are only OEM products with no technology accumulation. The laser cutting machine must select a brand with professional laser equipment background, a product with long-term iteration, and a mature technology.
In terms of technology: at present, laser cutting machine technology can be roughly divided into hardware technology and software technology. The cutting efficiency is low if only software technology is used. Similarly, only hardware technology, cutting efficiency is not up to standard, so a good laser cutting machine is equally important to hardware and software technology. Here, customers and friends should pay attention to distinguishing some low-end fish in troubled waters that are only supported by hardware but not advanced control systems.
Easy to use: The purpose of laser cutting machine is to replace manual operation. Whether it can achieve “fast, accurate and stable”, whether it needs follow-up maintenance, and whether it can minimize manual intervention. Are the key to judge whether it is easy to use.
The CNC system is equipped with Xintian Laser-laser cutting machine:

  1. Han’s CNC system is developed based on INTEL X86 platform and has a comprehensive optimized architecture and all-digital bus soft core structure. The computing power, algorithm, process flow, idle stroke control and other aspects have been comprehensively optimized, and the performance has been greatly improved.
  2. All ETHERCAT digital bus communication, IO module, height adjustment controller, operation panel and other peripherals can be connected to the system host through the same bus, which is convenient for installation, commissioning and maintenance, and can greatly reduce the failure rate.
  3. The operation is more convenient, the display is more intuitive, and the function is more complete. Open data makes equipment interconnection, data interaction and remote control more convenient.
    Is the laser cutting machine easy to use? To sum up.
    Based on the above points, whether the laser cutting machine works well depends on whether you have bought the right product. Products and experiences are closely related. I hope that the precautions for purchasing laser cutting machine summarized by Xintian Laser can help you to develop sharp eyes, choose the most suitable laser cutting machine, and experience the speed and passion brought by laser as soon as possible.