Brand difference of laser cutting machine

XT Laser-laser cutting machine

Laser cutting machine is popular with metal processing enterprises for its advantages of multiple integrated functions, less space occupation, high efficiency and stable cutting. There are also numerous brands of laser cutting machines (laser cutting machine manufacturers) production and sales. The editor of Xintian Laser was surprised to find that there is a feature in the sales market of laser cutting machines. The laser cutting machine has the same appearance and function, but the sales prices of different brands of laser cutting machines are different. Individual laser cutting machines have the same shape and function, while different brands have several times different sales prices. For this situation, I am puzzled.

Why does the same product have different sales prices for its appearance and function. What are the differences between these laser cutting machine brands. After careful comparison, this secret has been discovered. I will share it with you today.

1. Material differences

Different brands of laser cutting machines use different materials and parts. Tens of thousands of parts make up the whole laser cutting machine, and each part has its function and function. And each component can be subdivided into different specifications and models. They differ in weight, size, thickness, material and technology. Laser cutting machine manufacturers of different brands will select suitable parts according to their own product design requirements. For non-professionals, it is impossible for non-professionals to distinguish and identify the difference between the final assembly of the laser cutting machine and the finished product after production. Differences in component materials.

2. Product function difference

Laser cutting machine has functions that traditional metal forming equipment does not have. Laser cutting machines with different function combinations are different in design, configuration and function. Laser cutting machines with the same function will also have differences due to different functional parameters.

3. Differences between manufacturers

The differences of laser cutting machine manufacturers can be divided into differences in manufacturing technology strength and brand awareness. The quality of laser cutting machine depends on the technical strength, production experience, assembly process, quality control and other links of the manufacturer. Different brands of integrated stoves have different product design, assembly and inspection standards, and the products produced will naturally be different, with their own advantages.

In addition, laser cutting machine brand manufacturers with different advantages will also have differences in their own brand promotion efforts. For example, the manufacturers of the top ten brands of laser cutting machines are constantly advertising and launching various advertisements every day. Manufacturers need to invest human, material and financial resources to promote their own brands, while laser cutting machine manufacturers need to have strong strength to do market brand promotion.

For non-professional customers, it is difficult to distinguish the technical strength of laser cutting machine manufacturers from the product itself. Consumers want to distinguish the difference in the strength of manufacturers, which can only be identified from the advertisements they see every day. As long as a laser cutting machine brand has made a lot of advertisements, consumers will often see the advertisements of this laser cutting machine brand, and consumers will one-sided think that the laser cutting machine of this brand is better and the manufacturer has strength.

Therefore, under the condition that the appearance and function of the laser cutting machine products are the same, if a laser cutting machine brand manufacturer makes good publicity, the product will naturally sell better than other brands, and the price of the laser cutting machine of this brand will also be higher than that of the same industry. The sales price of laser cutting machines with different styles and the same functions is higher. The price is high because hidden costs such as human, material and advertising costs are added to the product sales price. This is why consumers see that different brands of laser cutting machines with the same function and appearance have different sales prices in the market.

The editor believes that although the products of various laser cutting machine brands are different, the price also has its own level. The laser cutting machine with high price is not necessarily the best, and the laser cutting machine with low price is not necessarily the product with poor quality. It is suggested that when selecting laser cutting machine products, the quality of the products should not be measured by the brand name of the manufacturer, but by the material and workmanship of the laser cutting machine products, product functions and the customer’s reputation for the laser cutting machine manufacturer.