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Introduction of 100w laser cleaning machine

Introduction of 100w laser cleaning machine. Nowadays laser technology is widely used.And more and more people pay attention on laser cleaning machine.

fiber laser cleaning machine

Firstly,Features of equipment

  • No damage to the base of the material because the no-touch surface cleaning performance
  • And precise cleaning technic for the specific area in a selected area
  • Also no need of chemistry or other added supplies
  • What’s more, it is easy to be operated.And it can be hand-held or auto-cleaned by installing a robotic arm
  • Besides,small cleaning time consumption and comes with a high quality finishing result
  • Finally, stable and impacted integrated design which results to no extra maintenance


Secondly,Operation Conditions

Type XTL-CM100
Laser Type LD-Fiber
Pulse Formation Q-Switched (Quality factor)
Average Power, Max 100.00 (W)
Average Power (W) 0-100 Output Range(adjustable)
Pulse-Frequency,Range 20-200 (KHz)
Scanning Width (mm) 10~80
Expected Focal Distance(mm) 160mm
Fiber Length (m) 5m / 10m(customized)
Cooling Type Air cooling
Input Power 220V, 50/60H
Power Consumption (W) 800W(including Chiller)
Dimensions(mm3) 850mm×700mm×880mm
Weight 140Kg
Working environment temperature 0℃~40℃
Working environment humidity ≤80%
Move Method Pulley
Scanning Head Weight 2KG
Focal Spot Diameter(mm) 0.08mm
Cleaning Efficiency 5m3/h


Thirdly,the scope of application

A  Metal surface derusting

B  And surface paint removal paint treatment

C  And, surface oil, stains and dirt cleaning

D  And ,surface coating and coating removal

E  And ,welding surface or  spray surface pretreatment

F  Also stone surface dust and attachment removal

G  Finally, rubber mold residue cleaning

Fourthly, Attentions

1、Don’t taking the cleaning head directly toward people. And notice high reflectivity materials (copper,aluminum…).

2、In addtion,taking on labor protection appliance and eyewear when using.

3、What’s more,the alarm light will be on. If laser machine hasn’t been turned off properly and service life will be influenced. So we suggest user to check every button weather they are reset or not before power supply.

  • It’s forbidden to make cleaning head at a right angle to materials.
  • And hange water in chiller every 3-6 months with deionized water.
  • Also bending radius of corrugated pipe must be no smaller than 250mm(≥250mm).
  • Finally, positions as pictures show below should be protected properly and avoid being bent excessively.


XT LASER  promises to maintain products which are produced and sent according to a formal contract.And guarantees every repaired machine will function good if used properly for one year.

XT LASER  has the rights to repair or replace a product in warranty period if it has a material or technical problem.  And we will charge for the maintenance under normal circumstances. It will be free if the machine has special problems.

 Sixthly,Laser cleaning machine advantages:

if  1, the laser cleaning is dry cleaning and no exhaust emissions. Also it does not cause environmental pollution and cleaning residues through the vacuum cleaner recycling.

So 2, In addtion,it can effectively clean the other method is difficult to remove the clean surface adsorption of submicron particles.
if  3, Finally,the laser can be transmitted by optical fiber. And robots and robots to match. They are easy to achieve long-distance operation. And o clean the traditional method is not easy to reach the site, which in some dangerous places to use to ensure the safety of personnel;


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