Advantage of fiber laser cutting machine-Shelly

Advantage of fiber laser cutting machine


The advantage of fiber laser cutting machine. And the fiber laser cutting machine has high cutting precision. And it is suitable for cutting of precision parts. The cutting speed is fast, which is more than 100 time of wire cutting. The area of heat-affected area is small, and the performance is stable, the production is guaranteed to be continuous. Following is  the advantage of fiber laser cutting machine.

First good cutting quality

Laser cutting can achieve better cutting quality,due to small laser spot, and high energy density and fast cutting speed. 1.The laser cutting slit is narrow 2.Smooth and beautiful cutting surface

Secondly high cutting efficiency

When operating, you only need to change the system to apply cutting for different shapes.

Thirdly fast cutting speed

For example,1000w fiber laser cutting machine can achieve a cutting speed of 40m/min.

Fourthly non-contact cutting

When laser cutting, because the cutting head has no contact with the plate, therefore it reduces quick wear.

And more types of cutting materials

Fiber laser cutting machines can cut a variety of materials, including metals, non-metals, composites, leather, wood and others.

Next not affected by shape

Laser processing is flexible, so laser cutting can process any pattern and can cut pipes and other profiles.

And saving mold investment

Laser processing does not require molds, no mold consumption, no need to repair molds, so fiber cutting saves time for mold replacement, therefore saving processing costs and reducing production costs,expecially for large products.

Last improve sample delivery speed

After the product drawings are formed, laser processing can be performed immediately, and the new product can be obtained in the shortest time.

Fiber laser cutting machine needs regular inspection and maintenance.If there is deformation or other forms,it should be replaced in time.If it is not replaced, it will affect the cutting quality and increase the cost. Some products may need secondary processing to reduce production efficiency.