Installation and requirements for cooling system in pulse laser cleaning machine–Caesar

1) Cooling system water temperature setting.

In summer (ambient temperature above 30℃) 29±1℃.

In winter (ambient temperature below 30℃) 25±1℃


2) Coolant requirements.
1. The cooling water is pure water, and it is recommended that drinking pure water can be used.
2. In order to prevent the growth of mold in the water in the chiller leading to the blockage of the pipeline, it is recommended that when filling the pure water
Add ethanol, when the volume ratio of ethanol is 10%.
3. When the ambient temperature around the equipment is between -10℃ and 0℃, it is necessary to use a 30% by volume ethanol solution, and every two months, it is recommended to add ethanol.
When the ambient temperature around the equipment is between -10°C and 0°C, the solution must be replaced with 30% ethanol by volume and every two months.
When the ambient temperature around the equipment is below -10℃, a dual system (with heating function at the same time) chiller must be used.
The chiller, and to ensure that the cooling system uninterrupted operation.
3) Other requirements of the cooling system.
When starting the cooling system for the first time, the whole water system and joints should be checked for water leakage.
External water pipes must be installed and connected according to the laser’s marked water inlet (IN) and water outlet (OUT), otherwise
Otherwise, the laser may not work properly.
If the laser is not used for a long time, the cooling water inside the cooling system and inside the laser should be drained.
Otherwise, it will cause irreversible damage to the laser equipment.


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