How to maintain the fiber laser cleaning Machine-Katherine

How to maintain the fiber laser cleaning Machine

Laser welding machine videos-Nancy

Nowadays,handheld cleaning machines are more and more popular in manufacturing.So how to maintain the Handheld Cleaning Machine?

The hand-held laser cleaning machine has a lot advantages.

Like simple operation,beautiful welding seam and no consumables.

The laser welding can perfectly replace the traditional argon arc welding and electric welding.Such as in the welding of stainless steel sheet, iron sheet, galvanized steel sheet and other metal materials.

Handheld laser welding is 2-10 times faster than conventional welding.A welding machine can save at least 2 workers a year.

For example,the weld seam is smooth and beautiful, reducing the subsequent grinding process, saving time and cost.

The laser welding workpiece has many advantages.It has no deformation, no welding and firm welding, and can reduce laser welding consumables.

Manual operation and maintenance of fiber laser cleaning machine.

1.If We must train fiber laser cleaning machine operators to understand the use of system lights and buttons, familiar with the most basic equipment knowledge.

2.Check the working line slot before work, the wire is not damaged and exposed.And it is can’t prohibit to place tools on the water cooler.
3.It is strictly forbidden to place liquid objects and flammable articles on the control cabinet.

The temperature of the operation room must not exceed 25 ℃ no leakage and leakage,and no leakage of air, water and electricity.


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