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Industrial Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Many industries are continually looking for faster, more reliable solutions for producing precision cutting of thin metals. Fiber laser technology with high power levels, improved maintenance and better functionality are emerging as a preferred choice for cutting applications, particularly applications where requires superior edge quality, tight dimensional tolerances and high production in the Machine Tool Industry as well as other industrial markets.

fiber laser cutting

Advantages of fiber laser cutting

Fiber laser cutting systems can cut a wide variety of materials of varying thickness. They are well suited for creating complex shapes. In addition, lasers maximize precision, cut flexibility and throughput when integrated into turnkey laser systems which feature multi-axis motion devices. Fiber laser technology offers both a cost effective, high accuracy cutting solution while at the same time providing component designers more freedom to create challenging shapes unconstrained by current cutting technology limitations.
Fiber laser cutting systems offer both process cost savings, manufacturing benefits and better made products. Laser cutting covers a wide range of materials, including steels and aluminum as well as other metals. Laser cut parts are extremely precise and dimensional accurate.

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