How to use the laser cutting machine

XT Laser-laser cutting machine
How to use the laser cutting machine. How to operate the fiber laser cutting machine, because the laser is a very dangerous thing, the correct method and use of the laser cutting machine is not simply to put the material you want to process on the working platform of the laser cutting machine and then cut it out. Be sure to master the use skills of the laser cutting machine, operate according to the instructions, and operate in strict accordance with the use instructions of the laser cutting machine. The specific steps to use the laser cutting machine are as follows:
Preparation before laser cutting.

  1. Before use, check whether the power supply voltage matches the rated voltage of the machine to avoid unnecessary damage.
  2. Check whether the exhaust pipe is placed at the air outlet to prevent air convection.
  3. Check whether there are other foreign matters on the machine tool workbench.
  4. The personnel operating the equipment must be trained by the laser cutting machine manufacturer before taking up the post.
  5. When processing materials, you must wear necessary protective equipment, such as protective glasses.
  6. Refuse to use laser for irradiation and processing before clarifying processing materials.
  7. After the laser cutting machine is started, full-time personnel must be present to prevent leaving without authorization. If you need to leave, you should turn off the device.
  8. There should be fire extinguishers and other equipment near the laser cutting machine.
  9. In the process of processing, if any abnormality is found, the machine shall be shut down immediately, and then a special person shall be appointed for inspection.
  10. The laser cutting machine after use must be cleaned in time to make sufficient preparation for the next processing.
  11. Check the laser tube and auxiliary gas and other consumables regularly.
  12. When the laser cutting machine is working, pay attention to observe whether every detail of the machine tool is abnormal.
    Precautions for laser cutting machine:.
  13. Laser is invisible light, which can cause serious damage to eyes. Do not look directly at the laser beam.
  14. During the operation of the laser, it is forbidden to open the cover of the laser.
  15. It is forbidden to wear metal articles for operation, which may cause electric shock.
  16. It is forbidden to stack paper, oil and other flammable and explosive materials in the processing area of the laser cutting machine.
    Start steps: turn on the main switch → turn on the water cooler → turn on the servo controller (start button) → turn on the computer (button) () chopping board: (Every time the nozzle is switched on, it must return to the original point for calibration: CNC → BCS100 → return to the original point → OK. BCS100F1 calibration → 2 floating head calibration (Put the nozzle close to the plate surface → confirm → display the advantages → confirm the use of coaxial when replacing the nozzle: stick the nozzle under the nozzle with adhesive tape, press the laser point, and see if the point is in the center of the circle), Turn the key to the direction of plate cutting → open the plate cutting software → open the gas → unscrew the laser (note that the water temperature must be between 22 ° C and 26 ° C to open the laser.) Left click on the file → click Read → select *. dxf file (to cut graphics, it must be in dXf format) → click on the process parameter (F2) (If there is rust, select die-cutting. If there are many holes, select pre-piercing. When cutting thin plates, you can cancel the slow start in the process, and thick plates can be set to slow start) → Select how thick the plate is (lb: focal length, 02: oxygen pressure, PZ: nozzle. It is necessary to manually adjust the size of the focal length air pressure nozzle on the cutting head according to the display screen. The nozzle d is a double-layer type, applicable to the cutting of carbon steel plate. The nozzle s represents a single layer, applicable to the cutting of stainless steel and galvanized plate) → Replace the nozzle, adjust the air pressure, and adjust the focal length according to the display in the lower right corner →.
    ① When cutting graphics: click Sort (select a small image first) → press and hold the left key to select graphics → click Yin or Yang cutting (Yin cutting starts from the inside of the line, not the inside of the line. Yang cutting starts from the outside of the line, not the outside of the line) → select graphics → lead (check whether Yin cutting or Yang cutting is correct, the lead length of the plate thickness is about 6m, and the lead length of the sheet is about 3m. The position of the lead can be set according to the total length of the graphics) → Open the light valve → find a point → stop at the point (the board stops at the lower right corner, and the board stops at the lower left corner) → walk along the edge → the remote control starts cutting. (You can also find a point and mark it on the software → go to the boundary → cut. Next time you can directly return to the mark and go to the boundary without looking for another point.).
    2 When cutting a line: select a figure → select complex figures in the order of small images first (ignore this step for simple figures) → start point A → select all → array → 1 * 10 line offset.
    0,0 column offset 0 → select all → common edge → select all → explosion (lower left corner) → select all female or male cuts → lead out (lead length) thick plate ≥ 5mm, thin plate ≥ 3mm Pay attention to the position of the lead.) → View sorting → Simulation → Enter frame → Start cutting.
    ③ When cutting multiple lines: select the figure to be cut → select the outermost border to clear the guide line and guide line → select all → sort the complex figure first, Then select small images (ignore this step for simple graphics) → select all → array → select all → share edges (select horizontal, plane and vertical) → select all for decomposition (select the border only if there are irregular graphics inside) → set leader (The leader angle is 0 °, and the complex shape is set to 90 °. When the complex shape is relatively complex, you can select the inside shape, select the similar shape in the upper left corner → cut → guide) → see the order (if it is not the best order, you can right-click to specify the start shape) → along the border → start cutting.
    ④ For thin plates or small parts, micro-joint is required to prevent tilting and warping: point to inverted triangle → automatic micro-joint → thick plate: 0.5-0.2. Table: 1.0-1.2 or gap or bridge.
  17. If the paper cannot be cut completely, continue cutting the next day: pause → stop marking the coordinates, turn on the computer → return to the coordinates → continue at the breakpoint.

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