How to choose a good laser cutting machine

Xintian Laser-a laser cutting machine for cutting metal

Laser cutting machine is an advanced technology integrating light, machinery and electricity. Pulse laser is applicable to metal materials and continuous laser is applicable to non-metallic materials. The former is an important application field of laser cutting technology and has become the mainstream equipment for metal material processing. When we purchase the laser cutting machine, some customers are comparing the imported ones with the domestic ones, some customers are comparing the price, and some customers are comparing the configuration, Some customers compare brands, but whether they buy imported or domestic products, the following items need attention.

For the current metal processing customers, the metal laser cutting machine is an essential basic equipment for modern processing, but when we buy the appropriate products, we will find that the performance of the optical cutting machine of this brand is very stable, and the cutting quality and after-sales service are excellent. Now there are dozens or even hundreds of brands of laser cutting machines available in the Chinese market. Are available. We face a wide variety of metal laser cutting machine brands, how can we choose a laser cutting machine that is both easy to use and cost-effective.

It mainly starts from four aspects: image production, efficacy, hair blowing, and cutting speed.

Whether the cutting is accurate enough can be judged by the smoothness of image lines. Making good-looking graphics is the most test of the performance of a laser cutting machine.

Due to its different power models, the laser cutting machine can cut different plates and thicknesses. It can also help to identify the quality by looking at what kind of plate the laser cutting machine is suitable for.

In the actual processing process, fiber laser cutting opportunities have various pursuits. Of course, this will also affect their quality. Some materials may need to be blown more or less to achieve the desired effect, so it is also possible to use no materials in the production process. Sometimes it is necessary to blow according to the condition of the whole material, so as to achieve the desired effect.

Laser cutting machines of different quality will also have different cutting speeds at any time.

From the above four aspects, the quality of a fiber laser cutting machine can be basically identified. Of course, the laser cutter can be selected according to the specific material and thickness to be cut, so as to give full play to the maximum value of the laser cutter.

Six principles for judging the product quality of metal laser cutting machine.

  1. The cutting surface is smooth and free of stripes, burrs and brittle fracture.

When the metal laser cutting machine cuts thick plates, the molten metal will never appear in the cut at the top of the laser beam, but will be sprayed after the laser beam. Therefore, the curve formed on the cutting edge closely follows the moving laser beam. To solve this problem, we only slow down at the end of the segmentation process, thus basically eliminating the generation of lines.

  1. Size of cutting gap.

The slit width is relatively narrow, which is mainly related to the laser beam spot diameter. Generally speaking, the cutting width of metal laser cutting machine does not affect the cutting quality. Cutting width has an important impact and forms part of a particularly precise configuration file. This is because the cutting width determines the outer part with the smallest contour. With the increase of the thickness of the plate, the cutting width will also increase. Therefore, in order to ensure the same high accuracy, no matter how large the cutting width is, the workpiece should be constant in the processing area of the laser cutting machine.

  1. The perpendicularity of the slit is good, and the heat affected zone is small.

In general, the section perpendicularity of the material below 5MM cut by the metal laser cutting machine may never be the main evaluation factor, but for high-power laser cutting, if the thickness of the processed material exceeds 10mm, the perpendicularity of the cutting edge becomes very important. When the laser beam becomes divergent away from the focus, the incision becomes wider towards the top or according to the position of the focus. The cutting edge deviates several millimeters from the vertical line. The more vertical the edge is, the higher the cutting quality is. The IPG laser used by the Jiatai laser cutting machine and the laser beam emitted by the machine tool are very stable. The upper and lower errors of 10mm products can be controlled within 0.3 mm.

  1. No material burning, no molten layer formation, no large slag formation.

The slag of metal laser CNC cutting machine is mainly reflected in the deposition and section burr. The material is deposited on the workpiece surface. Before the result of laser cutting, the special oil began to melt. Vaporization and various materials never need to be blown away by the customer to remove and cut, but the upward or downward discharge will also form sediment on the surface. The formation of burr is one of the important factors affecting the quality of laser cutting. Because the removal of burr requires additional work, the severity and quantity of burr can directly determine the cutting quality.

  1. Thermal effect of cutting materials.

As a kind of thermal cutting processing application equipment, metal laser cutting machine will certainly have thermal impact on metal materials in the process of use. Its performance mainly includes three aspects: 1 Heat affected zone. 2. Pitting and corrosion. 3. Material deformation.

The heat-affected area refers to the area near the heated cutting area along the laser cutting. In addition, the structure of metal will also change. For example, some metals harden. The heat affected zone refers to the depth of the area where the internal structure changes. Therefore, pitting and erosion are used for cutting.

The surface of the edge is adversely affected, affecting the appearance. They appear in common book-cutting mistakes and should be avoided. If the cutting causes the part to heat up rapidly, it will deform. This is the most important in fine machining, because the profile and web here are generally only a few millimeters wide. Control of laser power and use of short laser pulse can reduce part heating and avoid deformation.

  1. Conduct rough electroplating on the cutting surface, and the size of surface roughness is the key to measure the quality of laser cutting surface.

In fact, for the metal laser cutting machine, the texture of the cutting section has a direct relationship with the roughness. The section texture with poor cutting performance will directly lead to relatively high roughness. However, considering the differences in the causes of these two different effects, we generally analyze metal lasers.

The processing quality of CNC cutting machine is also analyzed. The laser cutting part will form a vertical line. The depth of the line determines the roughness of the cutting surface. The lighter the line, the smoother the cut. Roughness affects not only the appearance of edges, but also the friction characteristics. In most cases, the roughness needs to be reduced, so the lighter the texture, the higher the cutting quality.

In addition to the above six principles, the state and shape of the molten layer during laser cutting directly affect the above processing quality evaluation indicators.

The surface roughness of laser cutting depends on the following three aspects

Adjustable process parameters in the cutting process, such as power, cutting speed, auxiliary gas type and pressure;

The intrinsic parameters of the cutting system, such as spot mode, focal length, etc;

The physical parameters of the processed material, such as the laser absorption, melting point, viscosity coefficient of molten metal oxide, surface tension of metal oxide, etc.

In addition, the thickness of machined parts also has a great impact on the surface quality of laser cutting. Relatively speaking, the smaller the thickness of the metal workpiece, the higher the roughness grade of the cutting surface.

A high-quality laser cutting machine, as long as you look at the above aspects of performance, is enough, whether domestic or imported laser cutting machines are applicable.

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