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How to choose a suitable fiber laser cutting machine

How to choose a suitable fiber laser cutting machine for your business?In this article,we will introduce it for you.

1.Laser power
Firstly, we need to consider the machine laser power.High power fiber laser cutting machine is more and more polular now.Because on one hand, it can cut thick metal plates.On the other hand,it has a fast cutting speed than common laser power machine.So its cutting effiency is higher.What is the laser power are you using now?We noticed that you need often to cut stainless steel,carbon steel,aluminum ect.So what is the thickness that you need to cut often?

Here is the cutting ability for your reference.

           3000w            4000w 6000w
CS SS Aluminum CS SS Aluminum CS SS Aluminum
optimal cutting ability ≤18mm ≤8mm ≤8mm ≤20mm ≤10mm ≤10mm ≤22mm ≤18mm ≤16mm

2.Laser source
Secondly,choose the laser source.90% of our European clients choose IPG laser source.Because it photoelectric conversion rate can reach 45%(other brand is about 25%),so it can save much cost in the long run.But if you need it,we also have Raycus laser source can be choose.

3.Machine model
Thirdly,choose a suitable machine table.1500*3000mm cutting table is our standard model.We have open type(H model,more suitable for ≤3000w) and full enclosed model(G model,more suitable for ≥3000w) can be chose.The configurations of G series is better than H series,also it has full enclosed cover and two exchange tables,so its price is a little expensive than H series.

XTC-F1530H(open model) XTC-F1530G(enclosed model)
A fiber laser cutting machine.

Hope it can help you choose a suitable fiber laser cutting machine.Wish for your kindly reply.

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