How to choose a laser cutting machine, which brand and model is better?

The use of a laser cutting machine can improve production efficiency, improve metal processing quality, enhance overall competitiveness, and enhance various aspects of the entire factory workshop. For the factory manager, it is beneficial without harm. So what kind of metal laser cutting machine equipment is suitable for factories that purchase laser cutting machines for the first time? Which brand is suitable? Which model is better? For manufacturers who purchase laser cutting machines for the first time, it is necessary to understand them.

How to choose a metal laser cutting machine? Refer to these points:

The processing materials engaged in by the factory

Firstly, it is necessary to clarify what type of material is being processed and what type of workshop or factory needs to use laser cutting machines? Do you need other functions, such as automatic loading and unloading, remote control, etc. This is very important. If the factory usually processes a lot of metal materials and only needs ordinary cutting, then ordinary laser cutting machines can do it; If it is focused on processing quality and automation, then use equipment with automated laser cutting machines… Choosing equipment with different functions and functions based on the current situation and needs of different factories is the first step in selection.

Budget for purchasing equipment

The development system of domestic laser cutting machines is relatively mature, with uneven prices, but the range is large, ranging from over 200000 to tens of millions. Before purchasing in the factory workshop, brand manufacturers can be selected and inquired about based on the budget.

Operation and portability

For small factories, a single tabletop laser cutting machine can solve metal processing problems; For large factories, it is necessary to purchase multiple or even more comprehensive laser cutting machines, which makes the operation much simpler and saves labor costs.

All parameters should be clear

The most important parameters of a laser cutting machine are power, speed, and accuracy. These three are interrelated and inseparable. Power determines the efficiency of cutting, accuracy determines the effect of cutting, and speed affects the overall processing progress. So when the factory purchases laser cutting machines, it is important to understand what is needed? Pursuing efficiency or speed or power, generally speaking, the higher the power, the faster the speed.

Understanding these four points makes it much more convenient for factories to purchase laser cutting machines. I believe it can be easily understood which brand and model is the best. Of course, if some layman friends still don’t understand, you can refer to the editor’s method.

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