How much does a fiber laser cutting machine cost

How much does a fiber laser cutting machine cost
XT fiber laser cutting machine
At present, the development of society is getting faster and faster, all walks of life have made rapid progress, and the application of metal materials is also becoming more and more widespread. In addition, the fiber laser cutting machine is also widely used, the use of cost is far lower than other processing equipment, gradually replace the traditional metal processing, become the main force of the metal materials processing market, many customers want to know how much fiber laser cutting machine? Let me introduce it in detail below:
Fiber laser cutting machine is commonly used in the manufacturing industry, fiber laser cutting machine is widely used in metal hardware, kitchenware, building decoration, lighting, manufacturing and other industrial sectors of high quality processing. Especially in the kitchenware and hardware industry, it is better than the general fiber laser cutting machine. In recent years, it is also widely used in rail transportation, aerospace and other industries. Fiber laser cutting machine has many advantages:
First of all, fiber lasers have high electro-optical conversion efficiency and more than 30% conversion efficiency. Low-power fiber lasers do not need to be equipped with a cooler, but use air-cooling, which can greatly save power consumption during operation, save operating costs and achieve the highest productivity.
Secondly, the laser requires only electrical energy for operation without the need to generate additional gas for the laser, thus having the lowest operating and maintenance costs.
Third, fiber lasers are designed with semiconductor modular redundancy, no optical lenses in the resonant cavity, no start-up time, no adjustment, maintenance-free, and high stability, which reduces parts costs and maintenance time. This is unmatched by traditional lasers.
Fourth, the output beam quality of the fiber laser is good, the power density is high, which is very conducive to the absorption of metal materials, with excellent cutting and welding capabilities, so that the processing cost is the lowest.
How much does a fiber laser cutting machine cost? Fiber laser cutting machine machine price is actually not fixed, the market price of about 20-1 million between, mainly and model related, fiber laser cutting machine price is more cost-effective than other equipment, equipment specifications have a large, medium, small three power to choose from. Fiber laser cutting machine price is related to the actual production and user selection.
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