Fiber laser cutting machine selection

Fiber laser cutting machine selection
Laser cutting machine selection should pay attention to all aspects of equipment considerations
With the development of science and technology, fiber laser cutting machine industry has profound changes, from the beginning of the low power gradually shifted to high power, cutting effect and quality is getting better and better. As a result of a metal processing manufacturers to product diversification needs more intense, multi-species, small and medium-sized batch production of the proportion of a marked increase in the use of traditional general processing equipment has been difficult to adapt to the high efficiency, high quality, diversified processing requirements. Fiber laser cutting machine is a flexible metal processing equipment, can process any graphics without opening the mold, to a certain extent, cost savings, we have to pay attention to when choosing a fiber laser cutting machine what problems.
In the choice of fiber laser cutting machine can be considered from three aspects
First of all, the body of the machine can meet their own processing requirements, the quality of the machine itself determines the stability of the equipment, a good machine tool is very necessary.
Second is the operating system, operating system on the market there are many kinds, choose the right system is the key to buy CNC machine tools, in our customers choose laser cutting machine some customers have a high degree of proficiency in a certain kind of operating system operators, but in the choice of another operating system will be relatively unfamiliar, and is not easy to grasp the essentials.
The last is the power of the laser, is also the key to the selection of equipment, different power of the laser cutting machine can achieve different processing accuracy and speed, in the selection of power, according to the actual requirements of the processing of the selection of the appropriate power of the laser.
Laser cutting machine equipped with a good performance of the laser is to reduce costs, one of the key measures to obtain the maximum comprehensive economic benefits. Generally, fiber laser cutting machine should be equipped with sufficient power laser, in order to give full play to its functions and advantages, to prevent unnecessary idleness and waste.
After selecting a good laser cutting machine should pay attention to the installation, commissioning and acceptance of the work, laser cutting machine into the factory should be carefully installed and debugged, which is very important for future operation, maintenance and management. Laser cutting machine in the installation and commissioning and test run process, the technicians are actively involved, seriously study the supplier’s technical training and on-site guidance. Comprehensive acceptance of the laser cutting machine quality, performance, cutting effect and other aspects. Supporting a variety of technical information, user manuals, maintenance manuals, accessory manuals, computer software and manuals, etc. to carefully check, and be properly stored, otherwise it will result in the future some additional features can not be developed as well as to the maintenance of equipment, maintenance difficulties.
Finally, we also need to comprehensively consider the laser cutting machine manufacturer’s after-sales service, technical back-up, personnel training, data support, software support, installation and commissioning, spare parts supply and so on.

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