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Handheld Laser Welding Machine application In  Kitchen Industry

Kitchen utensils and appliances can be used in daily life, such as stainless steel pots and pans.But have you ever wondered how it was made? We know that one of the processes in the production of kitchen utensils is welding.

Today,XT LASER laser will take you know the welding process of metal kitchenware.

Traditional welding method is to put the product into the fixture to achieve automatic welding, mainly using the connection between the welding wire and the workpiece to achieve welding, the workpiece after welding will often cause deformation, hardness reduction, sand holes, flowers, pinholes, wear, scratches and so on.

Handheld laser welding machine has fast welding speed, good quality and high welding precision. And there will be no impact on non-operational areas during welding.

Compared with traditional welding methods, handheld laser welding machines have the following advantages:

laser welding machine

1.High efficiency

2.High quality

The welding spot is more uniform; so Better penetration;Perfect weld ; so Flat without blowhole

3.Low cost

80% to 90% power savings;Processing costs reduce to  70%

4 .Simple and flexible operation

So Overcoming the limitation of workbench space to realize the welding of any position at any Angle

At present, handheld laser welding machine have wide range of applications in the sanitary industry, glasses industry, hardware industry, automobile industry, medical industry, electronic industry, home, kitchen ware and sanitary industry, and gradually replace the traditional welding methods.
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