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Fully automatic laser tube cutting machine

Fully automatic laser tube cutting machine.

Compared with traditional processing methods, laser cutting machines have many advantages.

High cutting flexibility: the ability to cut, layer, specify blocks or select areas for cutting and direct molding allows you to freely cut. Have perfect quality, making them ideal for cutting shapes such as fine, difficult and complex patterns.

The cutting quality is good: the contour of the film is round and smooth, smooth and burr-free, and there is no overflow glue, which effectively solves the problem of burrs and glue overflowing near the window by mechanical processing such as mold, thereby improving product quality and upgrading. Product competitiveness.

Accurate positioning: PC/PCB contour cutting, drilling High-precision CCD automatic positioning, auto focus, making positioning fast and accurate, saving time and worry, high efficiency.

The advantages of the fully automatic laser tube cutting machine compared to traditional cutting:

First, advanced processing mode. High efficiency After focusing, the extremely thin laser beam is like a tool.

Which can cut the metal material arbitrarily finely without mechanical extrusion or mechanical stress, so it will not damage the shape of the processed object. The size of the beam after laser focusing is extremely small, and the heat-affect area is small and is stable. The slit is smooth and beautiful, no need for subsequent processing, and the processing is fine.

Second, low cost, fully automatic, easy to operate.

Firstly,laser processing speed
Secondly,The “tool” used in the tube laser cutting machine is the spot after focusing. No need to add other equipment and materials. Only the laser can work normally, and it can be processed continuously for a long time.
Thirdly,The laser processing is automatically controlled by the computer, and no manual intervention is required for production.

So if you are looking for tube cutting machine,we are the choice.

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