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The working principle of fiber laser cleaning machine

Fiber laser cleaning machine is becoming more popular and popular now. So today we will talk about the working principle of fiber laser cleaning machine.

Firstly, powerful, short pulses, fast moving laser pulses act on the surface of the target, producing tiny plasma ruptures, shock waves, thermal stress, etc. Causing the surface material to sublimate and evaporate. The focused laser beam is capable of accurately evaporating surface objects or dirt in Metal fiber laser cleaning machine usage

Secondly, laser cleaning is suitable for metal surfaces. The processed and optimized laser beam does not alter metal properties. It is damage those laser treated surfaces.

Thirdly, the precisely tuned laser beam acts only on the coating, residual residue or oxide. And does not harm the underlying surface of the parent metal. By adjusting other parameters, the laser beam can accurately and easily achieve the desired cleaning effect.

Fourth, Surface peeling principle:  A laser pulse with a large energy. But in a short time reflects the laser light on the surface of the substrate. And the stripping process ends. The surface of the blank substrate reflects the laser. The stripping process ends. Metal materials cannot damage or melt with the correct laser parameters and optimal wavelength

Fifth, the coating layer is vaporized (falling due to sublimation) Removed due to pressure caused by high temperature

Sixth, the “green” cleaning method can easily solve the environmental pollution problems caused by chemical cleaning; No grinding and non-contact cleaning. The traditional cleaning method is often contact cleaning. It has mechanical force on the surface of the cleaning object. The surface of the object or the cleaning medium adheres to the surface of the object to be cleaned. Through fiber optic transmission, it is compatible with the robot and the robot to easily realize long-distance operation. It can clean the parts that are difficult to reach via traditional methods.

Finally, wide range of applications.  Laser cleaning can remove various types of contaminants on the surface of various materials. In order to achieve the cleanliness.

In general, laser cleaning does not damage the substrate laser.

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