Fibre laser cutting machine is indispensable for household goods manufacturing industry

Fibre laser cutting machine is indispensable for household goods manufacturing industry
Cutting demonstration of laser cutting machine on metal pipe fittings
With the advantages of fibre laser cutting machine in the field of metal products processing, but also applied to the household goods manufacturing industry, and then our daily life in the common hardware home, or with metal plates, tubes, furniture can be processed with a metal laser cutting machine, home furnishings with a laser cutting machine to manufacture what are the benefits? What are the advantages of using metal laser cutting machine? Why metal furniture manufacturing industry with laser cutting machine processing.
Home furnishings using fibre laser cutting machine benefits
We know that the fibre laser cutting machine is dedicated to cutting metal materials, its advantage is that it can be shaped at once, without secondary processing, high degree of automation, easy to operate, the cutting quality is very good, and very high efficiency, strong compatibility, general household goods manufacturers use a 3000W-6000W fibre laser cutting machine can fully meet the needs of a variety of metal cutting of thin plates, import graphics can be produced! Corresponding products, especially suitable for personalised furniture customisation, low processing costs, high efficiency.
Metal furniture manufacturing industry why laser cutting machine processing
Furniture products, including hotel kitchen and bathroom supplies, bathroom hardware, kitchen appliances, office furniture, architectural decoration hardware and a variety of furniture products, most of which need to be used in the processing of metal tubes and plates, and metal fibre-optic cutting machine can be very flexible according to your personalized pattern designed in the software to produce the desired graphics, size and depth adjustment, and the cutting surface is smooth and beautiful, high precision, speed and produce a favourite metal products is naturally very simple. The metal products are naturally very simple.
What are the advantages of using metal laser cutting machine?
Traditional processing of metal processing is more difficult, processing process is also more, and in the process of processing there will always be such and such a problem, such as processing process area according to not, burr processing errors such as the need to rework, abrasive consumption is serious and so on, so the price of metal furniture is more expensive. And now the metal laser cutting machine on the processing of metal, naturally, has become much easier.
Metal laser cutting machine with its processing flexibility, precision and other advantages can be cut and processed idle in the home design requirements of the superb cutting and hollowing patterns, etc., at the same time the laser cutting machine processing more refined, to solve the product diversification and multi-functional needs. Especially in this era of the pursuit of individuality, batch production methods have been far from being able to meet the diversified needs of modern society, we are more in pursuit of personalised customised solutions, the furniture industry is also the same, the production of a set of furniture in line with personal preferences and comfort, fibre-optic laser cutting machine can provide more solutions to greatly enhance the efficiency of the work.

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