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   Fiber laser marking machine marking black for metal

    Fiber laser marking machine marking black for metal. Nowadays, many fiber laser marking machines need to be black when marking metal. How can we use the fiber laser marking machine to make black on the metal? How to set the parameters?
First of all, not all materials can be black. Marking black on aluminum is difficult. It is not bad to be able to clear the copper. In general, the higher the carbon content, the easier it is to make black. This is very simple, everyone knows. Then the alumina is blacked out. If the alumina is blacked out, it is not just a matter of adjusting the parameters. If you want to black alumina, you need a laser with MOPA technology. This special machine can use to achieve this.
The parameter setting is 叁 and laser 20W fiber laser marking machine to black stainless steel as an example:
First of all, when filling, the line spacing is 0.01-0.02MM, and the margin can send to a large point. The pattern can display correctly and the finer the better. Then the marking speed is 100-200MM/S, the smaller the blacker, but The slower you play;
Select the overall calculation of the graphics when marking, if you are not at ease, you can combine or group and then fill;
The marking angle is the shortest for each marking line, and the blackness will be consistent. The marking angle is shorter than the filling line. Under normal circumstances, 45 degrees can selected;
The marking power is better between 50-70, and the frequency is better than 10KHZ. If the hand feel is good, you can slow down the speed and put the focal length to the normal value of 1 mm. Note that if the black surface unevenness exceeds 2MM, it is likely The highest or lowest place is not black. If this happens, either hit it twice or sacrifice the feel to reduce the frequency and increase the power to solve it!
In the actual marking process, because the specific fiber laser marking machine is different, the specific setting of the parameters is different, so we must master the principle of setting parameters.
Why do you want to set the parameters like this? Because the smaller the fill, the darker the black, the lower the speed, the darker the power, the harder the power, the darker the shot, the darker the focal length, but the slower the speed or the better the power, because the energy consumption is too Large words will affect the life of the laser. The adjustment of the frequency is also smaller and darker, but the bigger the feel is, the better it will be. If it is too big, it will not be black. This requires us to consider the actual operation, and the faster we can meet the customer’s needs. it is good.
The basic parameters and principles of the fiber laser marking machine when playing black metal are like this. You can try and adjust according to your actual situation.



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