guns fiber laser engraving machine-Jill

gun fiber laser engraving machine-Jill

Nowadays,many customers use gun fiber laser engraving machine to mark and engrave their guns.It can mark and engrave logo,series number.This increase the selling point of guns.Here we introduce more information.

Machine picture

Firstly,we share the machine picture.This is mini model.It saves space and shipping cost.This is the best seller.

Surely,if you are interested in enclosed machine,it is also ok.Feel free to contact us.

Gun engraving and marking videos

Secondly,we share the videos for metal gun engraving.

Engraving samples

Thirdly,we share the gun engraving sample pictures.

deep engraving samples

Fiber Laser Engraving on Firearms

Which watt?

And also,we should consider the machine to choose?

For fiber laser engraving machine,it is for metal marking.

Gun material is always carbon steel,stainless steel,aluminum,plastic,etc.,

However,if only do some surface marking work,20w and 30w is ok.

If you also need to do some deep engraving work,you should choose 30w at least,50w and 60w better.

Aluminum is a little easier to do dept,steel is more difficult.It takes more time.


Plastic marking

If you want to mark on plastic always,you can choose CO2 laser marking machine.

And also,it is for non-metal engraving.

gun plastic material is always like PA6 with glass fiber.

CO2 is socially used for non-metal marking,such as wood,plastic,leather,arylic,cloth,etc.

Share you the videos

Firstly, it is plastic.

Secondly,it is wood.

Thirdly,it is glass.


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