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Fiber Laser Marking Machine–Alicia

Introduce Of  Fiber Laser Marking Machine

Advantage of  Fiber Laser. Numbering electronic detonator of blue shell using laser-marking machine is kind of new technique. Fiber laser marking machine

Lamp Pump Laser Marker. Fiber laser marking machine provides economic solutions for the implementation of the required marking standards on nearly every type of material surface. Also MOPA fiber laser marker caters to colorful marking needs with vivid styles. Free samples and trial operation are available in our factory.

To prevent fraud and protect intellectual property is the number one function of laser marks. Production and application information can into those laser marked serial numbers, bar codes or QR codes.

Then which can by scanner with verification software. Their uniqueness and traceability eliminate the possibility that both companies and customers by cheap copies.

Hence only qualified medical devices have access to the hospitals & clinics from reliable single or serial batch production lines. Patients will finally get the benefits from the little serial number marked by the fiber laser marking machine. Then

Advantage of  Fiber Laser Marking Machine

Such visual-based traceability of fiber laser marked products plays an essential part in precision manufacturing industries. For instance, a medical devices factory can firstly etch serial numbers on the finished products with a fiber laser marking machine for metals.

Then in quality control process, those defective products out as the serial numbers content will  when the scanner reads them.

fiber laser cutter

fiber laser marking machines offer a safe and economic way for product marking in a wide range of industries, such as mechanical parts production, electronic parts marking, medical instruments serial number, automotive parts and so on.

All these marks engraved on product surfaces, almost all metals and small number of non-metals, serve as the permanent identification of the objects. They out or roughly due to the precise marking worked by fiber laser markers.