MOPA fiber laser marking machine–Alicia

What is MOPA fiber laser marking machine?

MOPA fiber lasers utilize semiconductor diodes as the pumping mechanism and a doped fiber optic cable as the gain medium. For these fiber lasers, the doped fiber optic also serves as the resonator. MOPA fiber lasers are much more reliable and efficient than previous laser technologies. With these laser systems, you know you are getting the best technology on the market.

The use of fiber laser color marking is not a particularly new technique as. Then it recognize for over 10 years. This technique originally identify as a viable process for use on craft metal work and jewelry. With a decade of rapid development and innovation. Color marking by MOPA fiber laser maturely employe in both industrial and commercial activities.

There is now a greater interest in this process a. Then manufacturers of consumer goods are looking for new techniques and. And finishes to provide product differentiation. This application insight looks at a variety of materials. That are color mark-able including titanium. And stainless steel.And explores the benefits and parameters of the Pulsed Fiber Laser in relation to this application area. Then

MOPA laser marking machine


With our MOPA laser marking machines, you have maximum flexibility and better pulse duration control no matter the project. Our technology allows you to utilize selectable wave forms and an expansive frequency range, offering greater peak power at high frequencies.

There are a wide range of materials that are known to be color mark-able including. Then stainless steel, titanium, chrome plate and transition metals. The specific material grades and surface finishes can have an impact on the marking process and the thickness of the material.

Then stainless steel product.

And often marke with numbers. Bar codes/two-dimensional code, patterns, etc. Then to meet the product traceability or aesthetic needs. Laser marking is green, efficient and flexible. And can be permanently retained. Laser color marking for stainless steel  a new and efficient solution. And which also allows you to mark, etch or engrave on a wider variety of surfaces.

We strive to continuously provide our customers. And with the most innovative and high-quality laser marking. And engraving and etching technology available. This means that each of our laser marking systems comes equipped with the latest MOPA technology.

mopa laser marking machine